Does Drew Barrymore Ever Actually Want a Boyfriend?


Saloni Singh

Drew Barrymore has been single since her divorce in 2016 and has exfoliate light on her intentions for dating moving forward.

 Drew Barrymore is the description of a catch. The actress- turned- talk show host has captured the hearts of millions worldwide with her contagious smile and positive outlook on life.

That is why when she participated with the world that not only has she been single since her divorce from Will Kopelan in 2016, she hasn’t had coitus since also either, the shock swells echoed.

It took Drew five times to accept the futurity of her divorce with grace. She and her ex-husband are now in a good place. Still, the Honest Beauty author admits she occasionally struggles to co-parent to the stylish of her capacities.

Since healing from her divorce, Drew has been busy erecting up other corridor of her life. So much so that chancing love again has been put on the reverse burner indefinitely. Will the actress find a way to open her heart up to love again, and more yet, is she indeed interested in it?

Drew Barrymore Says She Does Not Know How To Date Anymore

 Drew has gotten candid about her struggles in the love department multitudinous times. During a discussion with Queer Eye’s Bobby Burke in 2022, she tearfully explained what she thinks were some reasons she hasn’t dated since the divorce.

 For one, she feels she does not know how to date in this new world. It’s been over ten times since Drew was in the courting world, and the actress does not know where to begin.

Does Drew Barrymore Ever Actually Want A Boyfriend?

 Online courting was commodity people only pictured of the last time Drew was looking for a swain, and now it’s the predominant way couples meet. The two joked about online courting and how Zoom dates could make it easier to back out of date gone awry, but nothing sounded to ease Drew’s worries about the current courting scene.

 Bobby and his Queer Eyeco-star Antoni tried to help Drew get back into the courting scene by setting her up with a friend via Instagram. While it helped Drew get her bases wet, she did not end up going further than the first date with her Top Cook love match.

 Drew’s Daughters Are Her True Loves

After the debris from her divorce settled, Drew realized another handicap was blocking her from enjoying a debonair courting life- or two, rather — those being her daughters Olive and Frankie.

 The girls are still youthful, only 10 and 8, and to say Drew is defensive of them is an understatement. She rues the day that the two girls find out their mama had quite a wild side as a child herself.

Does Drew Barrymore Ever Actually Want A Boyfriend?

One of the beginning reasons Drew’s divorce destroyed her was it left her feeling that this family she had erected with her hubby was being destroyed. She allowed  about her nonage, how her parents disassociated when she was nine, and was frighted at the study of her daughters feeling any of the effects or ways she did as a child of divorce herself.

 Indeed If She Finds Love, Drew Never Wants To Get wedded Again

 There’s one thing Drew is looking for in her coming relationship, someone who has no interest in getting wedded. After three divorces of her own, Drew has come to suppose of marriage as an outdated conception. While she still forcefully believes in love, she does not suppose marriage is demanded to solidify its bounds.