Doctor Who Season 14 Release Date: Matt Smith discusses Ncuti Gatwa’s inclusion in ‘Doctor Who’!


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Doctor Who fans will be pleased to know that showrunner Russell T. Davies has officially confirmed the date on which Doctor Who Season 14 will air in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. Despite the fact that the timetable may disappoint some, there is at least an official release date for the latest chapter of the regenerative Time Lord.

Season 14 will premiere on November 23, 2023, and will run for a total of 14 episodes. That may seem like a lengthy period of time, but given that the programme is celebrating its 60th anniversary, the date appears to be significant for all the right reasons.

While having to wait until 2023 for Doctor Who Season 14 may seem like a pain in the neck, at least viewers will know when they can expect to be treated to one of television’s longest-running science fiction series. More than that, it provides a hazy but hopeful timeline for when the new Doctor will be revealed to the rest of the globe as well.

Doctor Who Season 14

Five doctors have served as the Time Lord since the show’s relaunch in 2005: Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, and the current Time Lord, Jodie Whittaker. Eccleston was the first Time Lord, and Tennant was the second. Whittaker, along with current showrunner Chris Chibnall, is expected to leave the programme at the end of the current season.

In spite of the fact that the Doctor Who: Flux season finale concluded on December 5th, both Chibnall and Whittaker will be participating in some specials that will run in 2022, but that will be the last of their involvement with the programme. In the absence of Chibnall, Davies will take over as showrunner, and he will have plenty of time to prepare before the first episode of Doctor Who Season 14 airs on BBC One in 2023. A rising number of people believe that Davies will choose Lydia West or Olly Alexander from his most recent movie, It’s a Sin, to serve as the fourteenth doctor.

The show’s resurrection was spearheaded by Davies in 2005, however he has not served as showrunner since 2010.

For the first time in a decade, he is returning to direct the 14th season of Doctor Who. In the wake of Flux, it’s impossible to predict where the show will go from here. Either sticking with the tried-and-true formula or attempting something altogether new are possibilities. The Guardian, which interviewed Davies on his return to Doctor Who, rated It’s A Sin as the #1 programme.

Davies revealed the start date of Season 14 of Doctor Who in an interview, although he kept mum on who the next doctor will be. “I’ve already written some of the episodes,” he said when questioned about the project. “The show’s 60th anniversary is in November 2023, therefore that’s when the first episode will be released.” There was still a premiere date set, even though he appears to be a man who prefers to keep his thoughts to himself. We may assume that he is doing all in his power to keep the future Doctor’s true identity a well guarded secret.

Doctor Who Season 14 Expected Release Date

Doctor Who Season 14

Newcomers to the programme may binge-watch Doctor Who until 2023, when the next season will broadcast, and speculate about who they would like to see and who might be the next doctor in Season 14.

On Ncuti Gatwa’s ‘doctor Who’ Cast, Matt Smith Expresses His Thoughts

Matt Smith has commented on the recent revelation that Ncuti Gatwa would play the 14th Doctor in Doctor Who.

Over the weekend, Smith was a celebrity guest at the Paris Fan Festival, where he participated in a Q&A session. During this discussion, he discussed his experience as the title character in Doctor Who as well as his role in other projects, including the forthcoming Game of Thrones sequel House of the Dragon.

The Twitter user @SafeSpaceDrWho shared a video in which Smith discussed the new casting. He disclosed that he has observed Gatwa in the Netflix series Sex Education and is confident that he would be “a cracker.”

“I’ve seen him in Sex Education. There’s a warmth and width and real depth to his talent, that I think that he’s, umm….

Honestly, I think it’s an inspiring bit of casting. I’m really, really excited for the show and I think he’s going to be a cracker.”

Smith was the 11th Doctor from 2010 until 2014, replacing David Tennant. Featured in films and TV shows such as Terminator Genisys, The Crown and Morbius, he will soon be seen in HBO’s House of the Dragon.

According to the BBC, Gatwa will replace Jodie Whittaker as the 14th Doctor in the upcoming Christmas special. His casting made history as he is the first person of color playing the lead role in the British Sci-fi series where he will be working with Doctor Who‘s original showrunner, Russell T. Davies.

Doctor Who Season 14

Apart from bagging the BBC series and his continuing presence as the affable Eric Effiong in Netflix’s Sex Education, currently, Gatwa is busy filming the live-action Barbie, alongside Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

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