Do Pope and Cleo Get Together Or End Up in Outer Banks Season 3?


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One of the many will they/won’t they relationships in plain view focuses on Pope Heyward (Jonathan Daviss), a shrewd Pogue, and Cleo (Carlacia Award), a generally new gangster from the Caribbean. Enthusiasts of the show will be kicking the bucket to know whether Pope and Cleo get together in Outer Banks season 3.

As well as searching for covered treasure, our teen revolutionaries are likewise a lot of searching for love. In Outer Banks Season 3, the group of thinking for even a second to cherish trackers goes through many promising and less promising times as they continued looking for love.

Do Pope and Cleo Get Together in Outer Banks Season 3?

The brief response is that Pope and Cleo get together in season 3 of Outer Banks. Like different relationships in the show, Pope and Cleo‘s isn’t without its ups and downs, which are tended to across the breadth of this ten-episode season.

Early on, these adolescents bond, concurring that they are unfortunate in love. They choose to frame their no-love club. Nonetheless, this is brief as the couple in the end turns into a thing.

En route, these two keep on fostering their relationship. Pope offers extraordinary grace and offers Cleo a spot to remain when they return to Kildare Island. Pope persuades his folks to allow Cleo to live with them. Cleo takes Pope’s room, which is the first that she has at any point needed to consider her own.

Do Pope and Cleo Get Together

They bond further on the train heist, where they claim to be out of control lovers, which isn’t that a long way from reality. Afterward, Cleo assists Pope with managing his indignation issues, and together they find further hints prompting El Dorado.

Early in the season, Pope discovers JJ and Kiara getting coy and it rapidly turns out to be clear he has a few unsettled sentiments from their season 2 hookup. Cleo finds out about the circumstance and we at last see the pair bond over their past incidents when it’s come to love. The two bond over their misfortune with love and choose to frame the No Love Club, essentially avoiding relationships.

While the two avoid love and relationships toward the start of the season, their kinship and association bloom across the season through the numerous communications they share.

For the greater part of the season, it appears to be their relationship will remain only that of a companionship. Notwithstanding, in the season finale, the pair at long last follow up on their hidden sentiments and offer a sweet kiss amidst the disarray around them.

They then choose to disband the No Love Club prior to sharing a much more energetic kiss that appears to set their relationship status.

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Toward the finish of the season, there is a 18-month time bounce and we do not find out for specific whether Pope and Cleo are still attached.

Be that as it may, it appears to be most likely correct the pair are as yet a couple when the season comes to a nearby and we’re expecting to see a greater amount of the team in the show’s already affirmed fourth season!

Do Pope and Cleo Get Together

Do Pope and Cleo Kiss in Outer Banks Season 3?

In the wake of finding an interpretation key, they should persuade Pope’s folks to allow them to head out to South America.

Cleo figures out how to convince them, and they head into additional risk making a course for El Dorado. In Venezuela, things get excessively serious as Singh’s colleagues pursue them. In the wilderness, uncertain of their security, Pope and Cleo in the end share a kiss.

Cleo conveys a close to home discourse, dreading she won’t ever get an opportunity to say these words to Pope once more. She discusses how she has consistently battled to get by all alone.

Pope has shown her one more lifestyle, one where she has a good sense of reassurance and confident. She then, at that point, goes in for the kiss, and Pope responds.

Do Pope and Cleo End Up Together?

Indeed, Pope and Cleo end up together in ‘Outer Banks’ season 3. At the point when the season starts, Pope and Cleo are caught on the Caribbean island they have named “Poguelandia.” Like the others, Pope and Cleo partake in their experience on the island, however they are maybe the main two in the gathering who effectively need to get back to development.

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After they are apparently safeguarded, the gathering shows up in Barbados and experiences the essential adversary of the season, Carlos Singh, who captures Kiara or Kie (Madison Bailey) and uncovers to her that he is looking for El Dorado. What he really wants from Kie is the journal of Denmark Tanny, the last one standing of the Regal Trader wreck and a precursor of Pope.

After the gathering (without John B) gets back to Outer Banks, Pope has a profound get-together with his folks and persuades them to allow Cleo to remain at their home. In numerous ways, Pope and Cleo are total inverses. He is book brilliant while she is road savvy; he is a dreamer while she is a logical thinker.

Do Pope and Cleo Get Together

Pope has been to a great extent safeguarded from the brutality of life by his caring guardians, yet Cleo doesn’t appear to have such extravagance. As she tells Pope, she has been distant from everyone else since she was 14, and her essential goal has forever been endurance until she met him.

In any case, they associate over heartbreaks and the way that they frequently have to be the ones halting different individuals from the gathering from doing hazardous things.

Because of Pope’s comfortable association with Tanny, he understandably stays irate at Rafe (Drew Starkey) for removing the Cross of Holy person Domingo. In season 3, when Pope and his companions discover that the Cross is getting back to Outer Banks on a train, they choose to reclaim the extremely valuable strict relic.

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Pope and Cleo profess to be lovers whose families are against their association to trick a rail route laborer. They even prevail with regards to taking the crate that as far as anyone knows contains the Cross.

In any case, Pope finds that the Cross isn’t there when the container tears open. In spite of his dad’s express guidelines about donating the Cross, Rafe takes it with Barry’s assistance, liquefies it down, and sells it as little nuggets and bars. At the point when Pope learns about this, he nearly shoots Rafe, yet Cleo stops him in time.

Do Pope and Cleo Get Together


In the last arrangement of the season, we see them clasping hands as Outer Banks praise their accomplishments. John B specifies that Pope is leaving for school.

The fact that Cleo will go with him makes it possible. As the season closes, a strange man approaches them and their companions and gives Pope a chief’s log he guarantees once had a place with Edward Educate or Blackbeard, setting up the following experience for the gathering.

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