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Do Kie and JJ Get Together In Outer Banks season 3?

This Is How It Happened!

The opportunity has arrived, Netflix fans! Outer Banks season 3 is finally here and those who follow the addicting high schooler show have almost certainly stayed up late to start gorging. Do Kie and JJ Wind Up Together in Outer Banks Season 3?

The profoundly anticipated season appeared in the early hours of Feb. 23, taking us back to the OBX and the Pogue Life. After the events of season 2, the Pogues are still living all alone in Poguelandia, yet they must get back to reality eventually.

Outer Banks season 3 sees the arrival of John B’s (Chase Stokes) dad Huge John (Charles Halford), along with another treasure chase and new threats. And of course, it’s not all action and adventure in this show. There’s also romance! And John B and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) aren’t the only ones caught in their feels this time around.

Spoilers Ahead for Outer Banks Season 3!

All through the first two seasons of External Banks, it’s really apparent that JJ (Rudy Pankow) has feelings for Kiara (Madison Bailey). However, so does Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and even John B and Kiara had a second early on.

So needless to say, the situation for JJ is complicated. However, in Outer Banks season 3, JJ and Kiara go through some ups and downs that fortunately end on a high note. However, it requires a long investment for them to get there.

Do Kie and JJ Get Together

With Kiara’s parents being Kooks, they do not understand her way of life and certainly do not approve of her friends, especially JJ. And when JJ ends up stealing from Kiara’s dad in season 3, she’s in serious trouble considerably more.

Her parents wind up sending her away to a place called Kitty Hawk, a nature camp for kids with behavioral issues. This comes at a critical time when the rest of the Pogues are headed to South America to track down Huge John.

JJ decides to go rescue Kiara from Kitty Hawk, and that’s the point at which their relationship finally progresses.

Kiara and JJ do wind up together in Outer Banks season 3, which is something fans have been wanting to happen for such a long time! At the point when JJ sneaks into Kitty Hawk around midnight and finds Kiara, he apologizes for stealing from her dad and she tells him she loves him.

He says it back and they share a kiss, which hilariously has the other bunkers cheering. JJ sneaks Kiara out of there and they’re able to rejoin with the rest of the Pogues.

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There’s a 18-month flash forward at the finish of Outer Banks season 3, and we see the Pogues being celebrated for tracking down the treasure. We can assume JJ and Kiara are still together as the gathering looks happy back in the OBX.

At the start of season 3, obviously JJ and Kie have partaken in spending their time together on Poguelandia, away from the drama and away from Kie’s parents who don’t really approve of her friendship with the Pogues, especially JJ.

They’ve developed closer together on Poguelandia, yet after they’re rescued and tossed back into the chaos of everything, there’s a smidgen of hesitation between them. Neither of them really want to leave Poguelandia, and both seem scared to make the first move incase they damage their friendship.

Do Kie and JJ Get Together

In episode 3, the pair almost kiss on the boat before they’re intruded on by Pope who doesn’t seem too excited to be seeing his best mate and his ex getting close. That also causes more hesitation for the two of them.

Later, when they make it back to the OBX, JJ steals from Kie’s dad and she finds herself in a difficult situation over it. In episode 8, Kie is then taken away to a camp for kids with behavioral issues, called Kitty Hawk, without her consent and without anyone else knowing.

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Instead of heading off to South America with the Pogues to assist with finding Huge John, JJ heads to Kitty Hawk to save Kie and bust her out of the camp.

Who Is Kiara in Love With In Outer Banks?

There was an opportunity in the second season when Pope and Kiara were possibly going to be a thing, however they finished things as just friends.

As season three progresses, obviously Kiara is madly infatuated with JJ. They nearly share a kiss on their return process from the Caribbean, however Pope interrupts, killing the state of mind. At the point when they finally return to their hometown, several meets to discuss this near kiss. Again, they nearly kiss, yet JJ pulls away, stressed that he isn’t adequate for her, and his pride gets in the way.

The couple decides to stick to being friends, making a ceasefire. As the series continues, they share many ups and downs. JJ steals from Kiara’s parents, and Kiara refuses to help JJ when he is about to embark on a rescue mission to South America. They eventually reconnect, yet it is a rough road to this fantasy finishing.

Do Kie and JJ Get Together

Will JJ and Kiara Break Up or Stay Together?

After the chase after El Dorado, the show fast-forwards year and a half, and we find the gang has all continued on with their own personal business. Kiara and JJ are seen sitting and standing together at an occasion, yet there is no clear indication that they are still together as a couple. They don’t kiss or hold each other’s hands. In any case, there is no proof that they have separated either.

The two then finally make their feelings known when JJ breaks into the camp later that evening and finds Kie. He apologizes to her, and then she responds by saying that she loves him! And he says it back! Charm!

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The two then share a kiss which prompts the other teens in the bunk at Kitty Hawk to start cheering. JJ and Kie then manage to escape and finally wind up rejoining with the rest of the Pogues in Venezuela.

At the finish of the season, there’s a major 18-month flash-forward where we see the Pogues after the events of the dramatic El Dorado mission, and life has changed for the gathering.

They’re celebrated back at home for tracking down the treasure, and it’s assumed that JJ and Kie are still a couple at the finish of the season.

Do Kie and JJ Get Together


Now that Kiara and JJ are finally together, hopefully they remain a thing in Outer Banks season 4! Netflix has recharged the series for another installment, yet at this time we don’t know when it’ll be released. Meanwhile, you can stream all 10 episodes of Outer Banks season 3 at this moment.

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