Do Girls Like Guys Who Wear V-necks?


Mohit Kamboj

Let’s be honest, ladies’ opinion on our fashion choices matters! Do they think it’s sexy or tacky? Do they like the outfit or find it funny?

Many guys have these thoughts running through their minds when shopping for clothes and styling their looks.

One of the more controversial male garments is a V-neck t-shirt, so we’re investigating whether girls like guys who wear them.

The V-neck Tee 

Crewneck t-shirts were here first, but they share the stage with the V-neck in today’s world.

V-necks did start their reign as undershirts when guys started demanding something without a prominent collar that peeks from under their jumpers and Oxford shirts.

Today, nobody should underestimate the power of the V neckline as it offers more versatility and looks less like an undershirt.

V-neck Red Flags 

The reason we’re even talking about the pros and cons of the V-neck and debating whether girls like it is the fact that there were some major mistakes along the way.

Around 20 years ago, most of the V-necks were tacky, adorned with flashy graphics, and their V cuts sometimes went way too deep.

The damage was done, and it took more than a decade to repair. Luckily many brands came out with amazing styles in recent years that show that a V-neck is an incredibly stylish choice – just look at the white v-neck t-shirt by Fresh Clean Tees.

Why do Girls Like V-necks 

Thanks to the shift in design and changes in the neckline (it should never go deeper than 2-3 inches), the V-necks came back.

And everyone, including girls, loves a good comeback story. Besides that, here are three main reasons why girls like guys who wear V-necks.

Se*y Body 

V-necks hug the body just right, and girls appreciate it. V-neck tees also have a slimming and elongating effect, which is super important to many shorter guys. Who doesn’t want to look taller?

This tee is also perfect for highlighting a sexy body that’s been working hard in a gym. Because V-necks are traditionally tighter than classic tees, they show off your hands, chest, shoulders and torso just right.

Yes, the essential beauty is on the inside, but let’s admit that some muscles don’t hurt either!

Lastly, stylists say that the V cut neckline visually makes your jawline look wider and create an image of a strong, powerful guy. Maybe it’s the basic instinct that kicks in, but many girls really dig that. Don’t be a douche about it, though, okay?

Signals Confidence  

Women like guys who are confident and not afraid to try new things. Many traditionalists avoid V-necks because they’re scared of experimenting, but showing that you’re up for the challenge is sexy.

And to be honest, those who take the chance usually end up winning because V-neck tees definitely make you look more stylish, put-together and offer you more styling options.

However, be careful with that confidence and don’t get carried away. Stick to the current version of less dramatic V-necks unless Mikey The Situation is your idol.

The best way to figure out which V cut is best for you is to go to the mall and try as many styles as possible.

Shows the Sense of Style 

Girls love a guy who knows how to style an outfit, and V-necks are perfect for creating fabulous looks.

Simply pairing them with your cardigans, blazers, zip-up hoodies, denim or leather jackets, V-neck jumpers will elevate the outfit to a whole new level.

So stock up on a few colors – we recommend black, white, olive, navy, grey – open up Pinterest or male fashion blogs and start experimenting!