Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2: When Will the Show Return?


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Do Do Sol Sol La La is a South Korean television show. It is written by Oh Ji-young and directed by Kim Min-kyeong. And is premiered globally on October 7, 2020 and aired upto November 26, 2020. It can be binged watched on OTT platform, Netflix. Given the popularity of K Dramas, Netflix gave the drama a green light. It’s a romantic comedy sitcom with a twist. Go Ara, Lee Jae-Wook, and Kim Joo-hun stars in this show. It was supposed to premiere on KBS2 and Netflix on August 26, 2020. However, the premiere of Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2 has been postponed due to the spread of COVID-19. 

The show is about an energetic pianist named Goo RaRa who has terrible luck and loses her fortune. Also his boyfriend, a mysterious, warm-hearted multi part-time worker Sunwoo Joon. They also have those who congregate in La La Land, a small piano institute in the South Korean countryside, each with their own secrets, pain, and story to tell. Continue reading for an interpretation of what the series’ ending meant.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2

It’s arguably more depressing for Korean drama fans who have been anticipating and watching new episodes every week for nearly two months. The fans of Do Do Sol Sol La La are already wondering. Whether the hit Korean drama will be renewed for a Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2. When a good Netflix series comes to an end, it’s always a sad occasion. The possibility of Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2 of the show is still being discussed. Will Netflix renew Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2? Continue reading to learn more.

When Will the Show Be Released?

Because Do Do Sol Sol La La has not yet been renewed, there is no official release date. However, based on the production schedule for season 1. We can make some predictions for Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2.

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The first script reading took place in May 2020. And the series was scheduled to premiere in late August before being postponed until October 7th due to the coronavirus pandemic. Assuming that the series was ordered up to three months before the script reading. The production schedule would be approximately eight months.

Assuming that season 2 production followed a similar schedule and that none of the cast members have other projects lined up for next year, fans can expect the show to return in July 2021. This article will be updated as soon as more information about Do Do Sol Sol La La season 2 becomes available, so keep checking back for the most up-to-date information.

Will There Be a Season 2 for the Show?

At the time of writing, neither KBS nor Netflix had renewed Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2, and the hit K-drama is unlikely to return. While there is no information about Do Do Sol Sol’s future, it is highly unlikely that the series will be renewed for Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2.

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The vast majority of Korean dramas similar to Do Do Sol Sol La La are only intended to run for one season. Due to the lack of information indicating that this will be different for Do Do Sol Sol La La, it appears that this series has fallen into the category of ‘one-hit-wonder. Then there’s the opinion that the season one finale wrapped up the majority of the main storylines and the storyline almost completed by the end of the show, with no major cliffhanger or indication that a second season would be produced. It is highly unlikely that the popular K-drama will return.

Plot of the Movie, Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2?

It’s a romantic comedy series. Do Sol Sol La La tells the story of Goo Ra Ra (Go Ara), the heiress of RaRa cosmetics and also a talented pianist. Goo Ra Ra lost her wealth and comfortable life as a result of bad luck. Though she is a talented and optimistic woman who sees the best in people and situations. She didn’t, however, lose her spirit. She is still pursuing her dream of becoming a famous pianist. Sunwoo Joon is a hardworking, enigmatic, good-looking, and warm-hearted man who remains distant. She had a mysterious encounter with Sunwoo Joon, (Lee Jae Wook) just before her wedding ceremony in La La Land, a piano institute in the countryside. We learn more about the characters’ lives through teasing, heartbreaks, and ambitions.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2

Ra starts receiving messages on her social media posts from a user known as “do do sol sol la la.” She believes this is a reference to the piano notes in “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” a song that means a lot to her and her father. She moves to Eunpo City, where they are located, in an attempt to locate the user. Ra Ra and Jun cross paths again after a car accident. Later, during their brief hospital stay, Jun agrees to lend Ra Ra money to get her back on her feet until she can earn her own. The series depicts her life as she settles down in Eunpo City, becoming closer to the residents of the small town, as well as Jun, who has his own secrets to hide.

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Goo Ra Ra struggles financially and is left alone for the first time in her life after being abandoned at the altar and learning of her father’s bankruptcy and subsequent death. While Joon is plagued by secrets and pain, RaRa is someone who brightens and touches the lives of those around her. Over time, the two develop feelings for each other. However, what follows is a journey through grief and loss.

Cast of the Show, Do Do Sol Sol La La

Go Ara as Goo Ra-Ra

Park So-Yi as young Ra-Ra

Lee Jae-Wook as Sunwoo Joon

Shim Ji-wan as young Joon

Kim Joo-hun as Cha Eun-Seok

Ye Ji-won as Jin Sook-kyeong

Shin Eun-soo as Jin Ha-Yeong

Yoon Jong-bin as Lee Seung-gi

Song Min-Jae as Shin Jae-min

Seo Yi-sook as Jo Yoon-sil

Choi Kwang-il as Sunwoo Myung

Lee Shi-woo as Kim Ji-hoon, Sunwoo

Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2

Ending of the Show

It is revealed near the end of the series that Joon has died, and when RaRa learns of this, she is initially unable to cope with the situation. Joon’s family is distraught, and RaRa is seen crying profusely after learning the tragic news. However, when the show jumps five years, it is revealed that Joon has returned. The news of Joon’s death was apparently false. RaRa is skeptical that she is seeing a ghost, but Joon kisses her to convince her that she is. RaRa hugs him despite her disappointment that he did not contact his family sooner.

Ending of the Show Explained

The series ended on an unexpected note, with the final twist. The conclusion reveals that Joon feigned his death and had been living apart from his family, friends, and Rara. He led them to believe he was dead, which caused his loved ones to experience mixed emotions when they discovered he was alive. It’s because they were all dealing with a lot of grief and pain following Joon’s death. For five years, they assumed he was dead and tried to move on with their lives. When he returned, they were overjoyed to see him.


Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Season 1 (Episodes 1-14) is now available on Netflix. You can watch Gobin Slayer Season 2 and more until we return with more information about this series. Stay tuned to trendingnewsbuzz for more such updates. Typically, K-dramas that are planned to have more than one season end with a shock or big reveal to imply that the story isn’t over. However, there is still hope that the series’ popularity will be enough to warrant a Do Do Sol Sol La La Season 2 renewal – the series has an IMDB rating of 8/10 and an Asian Wiki rating of 90 percent.