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Do Casino Betting Strategies Really Work?

The very word “gambling” would make anyone think twice about placing money on casino games. It has certain connotations which make it very clear that any money you place on an event is money that you may never see again. If you’re going to play casino games, which make a point of emphasizing the importance of luck, then you’re going to have to accept that there’s a real risk involved.

So can you eliminate that risk – or failing that, at least make it smaller? Well, there are such things as casino betting strategies. For some people, these represent the chance to bet without risk, the idea is that you can use these strategies to guarantee better results. But before you pick your favorite site from and set about putting these strategies into play, it’s worth getting some clarity on an important question: Do these strategies actually work?

It Depends What You Mean by “work”

Let’s get one statement out of the way before we say anything else: you cannot guarantee victory at a casino. Logically, if you could, every casino would go bankrupt pretty soon, because they wouldn’t be making money off people’s losses. And if you’re thinking “But I’m smarter, I have a strategy”, remember that the casinos make the rules. They will always have an edge. What you can do with a little strategy is give yourself a better chance of winning, and minimize your losses.

What Are Some Effective Strategies?

Perhaps the most popular strategy in casino gambling is the Martingale. The idea behind it is that you double your bet after each loss. If you’re doing this on a bet where the odds are pretty much 2:1 (like Red or Black on a roulette table, or on a hand of Baccarat), the hope is that there should never be too many losing bets before you have a win, at which point you will be in profit.

Alternatively, you could play Baccarat and always bet on the Banker’s hand. Given that this hand has a lower house edge than the Player or a Draw, you’d hope to come out ahead after a string of games. But this strategy – and the Martingale – have a drawback. Unless you have an unlimited bankroll, there’s no guarantee your luck will turn before you run out of money.

The Soundest Strategy Is to Manage Your Bankroll

You can’t guarantee a win at the casino, so the best thing you can do is apply some rules so that you don’t lose too much if things go against you. Decide a bankroll in advance, with the stipulation that you will absolutely stop playing if you exhaust it. Make bets that are a certain percentage of your bankroll, and don’t break that ceiling.

By all means, add won money into your bankroll, but if you win a decent amount – even just 10% of your bankroll – consider stopping there and enjoying the rest of your night. Casinos want you to play for longer, because the more you play, the better the odds get for them. So the best strategy is to not need to play for longer: quit while you’re ahead.

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