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Dmitry Bivol-Gilberto Ramirez: Stats & Stakes



In Abu Dhabi, Dmitry Bivol performed well with the action today. Bivol has attained his WBA light heavyweight title. 

The judges were officially released as 117-111, 117-111, and 118-110. The unofficial card for 118-110 falls into Bivol’s favor.

Bivol has performed well in his previous fight, earlier, he has never missed any chance to let Ramirez  in against him. 

After a somewhat tentative start in the first three rounds — where you arguably could have shaded two rounds to Ramirez — it was pretty much the Bivol show the rest of the way, other than a 10th round that he seemed to take off to keep some gas in the tank for the 11th and 12th frames.

Ramirez has earned a super middleweight title. The former fighter has gone through many battles in the past and has worked quite dramatically for his career. The growing years of his life ahs bring many challenges for him. 

“They are two really different fighters. Before the fight with Canelo, I spent a lot of energy to be confident in preparation. Before this fight, I was relaxed,” Bivol said.

Asked about being the one on the front foot for much of the fight, Bivol said, “The lion is not the biggest animal in the jungle, but he is king. Yeah, ‘Zurdo’ is bigger than me — it doesn’t matter.”

“I proved myself that I can beat the best guys in the world,” he said of this year, then turned his attention to his repeated goal of fighting Artur Beterbiev.

“Now I want another guy who doesn’t know what losing is. I have a goal, I want to be the undisputed champion. It all depends on me.”

Bivol comitemd that he wants to fight for the next time, He made sure by saying, he clearly wants Beterbiev next, and not a money rematch with Canelo Alvarez. Beterbiev, who holds the WBC, IBF, and WBO titles. The match is currently expected to happen on January 28.