DJ Envy Cheating on His Wife Gia Casey: How Genuine Are the Rumors?


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DJ Envy has started cheating allegations. You will be more shocked to realize that his wife, Gia Casey ended up being ignorant regarding his extramarital issues, for quite a while. Indeed, we are discussing The Morning meal Club have. On the off chance that you don’t have any idea, it is a partnered public broadcast.

Nowadays, the American DJ is standing out as truly newsworthy for refusing to The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Keeping that to the side, for the present, shouldn’t something be said about the cheating reports? Before that, how about we momentarily discuss DJ Envy’s unmistakable quality.

Beginning from the fundamentals, DJ Envy is initially known as RaaShaun Casey. He hails from New York. He isn’t just a host or a plate jockey, yet additionally a record maker. A portion of his musical works incorporate The Miscreant, Just A Youngster From Sovereigns, Getting Down, Feel The Disdain, Ended Quietness, and so on.

As you might be aware, DJ Envy is a radio character as well, engaging with The Morning meal Club. In 2020, he got enlisted into the Radio Corridor of Distinction.

Returning to DJ Envy’s own life, he is married to Gia Casey. They got hitched back in 2001 and today they are parents to 5 Kids. Quite a while have passed yet not every person is familiar with her. Why? Indeed, it seems like Gia likes to get herself far from the media.

However, this time, DJ Envy’s cheating allegations acquired her front of the media, responding to such countless inquiries. This ultimately requires the discussion of the record maker’s marriage as well. Isn’t it? Assuming you are searching for the subtleties of DJ Envy’s cheating tales and his marriage with Gia, this is the very thing that we know.

DJ Envy Sparks Cheating Allegations: His Wife

DJ Envy Cheating on His Wife Gia Casey: How Genuine Are the Rumors?

Prior to getting into DJ Envy’s cheating allegations, you must know a piece about his long-term marriage. Indeed! That is with Gia Casey. Who is she? Indeed, DJ Envy’s wife, Gia is a businesswoman. Other than that, she is especially into running a podcast and Youtube series, The Casey Team. Other than that, the couple even wrote down Real Life, Real Love: Examples on Bliss, Torment, and The Enchanted That Kept Us Intact.

DJ Envy and Gia Casey met each other in secondary school. That is the means by which things began between them. Subsequent to securing the bunch in 2001, they are currently honored with five children Madison, London, Brooklyn, Logan, and Jaxson, separately.

Things between DJ Envy and Gia Casey appeared to be extremely smooth, until, 10 years prior. Back in 2012, The Morning meal Club co-have got accused of cheating. Following the reports, his wife, Gia stepped up of finishing their marriage as it brought her nothing yet disregard. She petitioned for a separation.

Yet, DJ Envy apologized to her openly and admitted to his unfortunate behavior. With whom did he undermine Gia? It was the Love and Hip Jump reality star, Erica Mena. He made an honest effort and did everything to persuade Gia, to hit him up. He gravely encouraged briefly possibility. Because he conceded his shortcoming and was sufficiently blameworthy, Gia excused him and gave their marriage another beginning. Indeed, they accommodated.

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Regardless of pardoning DJ Envy and giving it a new beginning, Gia Casey felt really sufficiently awkward. She was in a difficulty about her husband’s dedication. Following the cheating bits of hearsay coursing on the web, standing out as truly newsworthy regularly, and afterward accommodating, she turned out to be private.

At the point when gotten some information about it, DJ Envy’s long-lasting wife, Gia asserted that he purposely got her far from the industry. Becauseacuse, he purportedly didn’t believe that others from the industry ro should uncover him before her.

DJ Envy Sparks Cheating Allegations: His Wife

Gia Casey Uncovers Why She Pardoned DJ Envy For Cheating!

Gia conceded that she needed to get her lick back at that point, however she picked pardoning and love all things considered. The mother of six cleared up that she learned it wasn’t her obligation regarding hurt him in spite of how crushed she was.

“I have to acknowledge him, acknowledge what he did and push ahead in a positive manner where we’re both sustained. Just because you have the capacity to abuse someone, doesn’t mean you ought to take that capacity. Doesn’t imply that you ought to take advantage of that. When I learned better, I was mindful to improve.”

They say ‘time recuperates all injuries,’ yet DJ Envy had his own interpretation of how he mended and developed throughout the span of his 20-year marriage to his wife. The couple talked about remaining together regardless of the warnings that Envy was waving during their school years. Gia reviewed Envy maneuvering her into a shower while she was completely dressed and on out to a party, which Envy conceded was just an indication of him being unreliable.

In spite of, his weaknesses and controlling nature, Envy uncovered that Gia’s love, sustaining and consolation made him a superior man. Besides  DJ Envy is already a very wealthy man!

I think it was her filling me. Causing me to comprehend that I was worthy and that she loved me for myself and she didn’t mind what happened, and that was the most the most soothing thing.”

With regards to having a solid relationship, DJ Envy expressed that he and Gia have one recommendation that is assisted them with returning being 100 percent transparent with one another regardless of the situation.

She went directly to him about it, with the blog as proof.

“I said, do you have any idea who this female is?” she reviewed.

DJ Envy Sparks Cheating Allegations: His Wife

He Asserted He Had No Clue About What She Was Referring To!

“He was chafed to the point that I would try and propose that he could so something like that to the lady he loved more than life itself,” she said. In any case, she wasn’t getting it.

He was unable to read her to know what precisely she might have already had some significant awareness of the circumstance. So when she told him, “Raashaun, I realize that you undermined me,” he wound up confessing all. Much to his dismay, she didn’t really know anything beyond the discussion she coincidentally found on the web.

“She was like, I know. I believe that you should tell me,'” he said. “‘Assuming you will take care of business, tell me.’ That is the manner by which she found out. I told on myself.”

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It’s muddled who the other lady was from the blog, yet it was uncovered openly that he did at one point have an undertaking with Love and Hip Jump star Erica Mena, which transformed into a revolting to and fro between them (favoring that later). Envy and his wife had the option to figure out through their problems with the assistance of their confidence.

“You know, I won’t say I wasn’t into chapel and God previously, however when that episode happened, it just opened our eyes as a family; not just me and my wife,” he told Substance in 2017. “To the place where, we ask each prior day I go to work. Everything in our family depends on our confidence now.”

Stir things up around town to see more photographs of the couple from throughout the long term, and furthermore to get familiar with their marriage and betrayal issues.


Several has been married for nearly 20 years, however as referenced, Envy ended up in a significant wreck after Casey figured out that he had been faithless. He was affirmed to have cheated with reality star Erica Mena. Looking to genuinely apologize, the Morning meal Club co-have took to his post to discredit his activities and to censure Mena.

“I began screwing with someone that was underneath me,” he said at the time in 2013. “A bird. Evil. A liar. Someone that was frantic and it’s just so woeful. I mean I didn’t have to take care of this individual. I didn’t have to cause her to feel unique because she wasn’t. So that is the thing it was.”

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