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Disney+: Top Disney+ Originals That Have Great Rotten Tomatoes Score

Top Disney+ Originals according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Disney+, the streaming service that is still relatively new, has done pretty great for itself in very little time. People are already watching extensively the Original titles on the streaming platform.

Even Rotten Tomatoes couldn’t resist giving these Disney+ originals such high scores. Coming from a website that is known for being brutally honest in its reviews, it should be considered a milestone for Disney+.


Disney+ Originals With High Scores From Rotten Tomatoes (Top Disney+ Originals )

1. Diary Of A Future President (RT Score- 100%)

Created by Ilana Pena, The comedy TV series tells the story of Elena. She is 12 years old middle-schooler. Like every other adolescent, she also struggles to conform to the social expectations of society.

But Elena has a dream; a dream of becoming the President of America as she grows up. The series shows flashforwards into her future in a Political campaign.

2. The Imagineering Story (RT Score- 100%)

The 2019 documentary series is the masterpiece of Leslie Iwerks. The show takes us to the world of Disney theme parks and attractions. It tells us the history of the creation of all the extraordinary rides so that we understand the world of Disney better.

Top Disney+ Originals

3. The Mandalorian (RT Score- 95%)

The Mandalorian is a Star Wars series that is the creation of John Favreau. The series is set before the emergence of the First Order in the Star Wars galaxy. It features the emergence of a new warrior in the universe after the fall of the Empire.

Top Disney+ Originals

4. Marvel’s Hero Project (RT Score- 92%)

The documentary series focuses on the young achievers across the globe who are making a change in society with their intellect. These bright minds are an inspiration for all of us.

Top Disney+ Originals

5. Togo (RT Score- 92%) (Top Disney+ Originals)

Togo is an American drama film that is directed by Ericson Core. The movie tells the story of the Great Race of Mercy of around 700 miles on dog-drawn sleds to protect the town of Nome from an epidemic.

These are the top original titles on Disney+ recognized by Rotten Tomatoes. They’re a must-watch for all the subscribers of Disney+.


Start streaming to Disney+ today to watch these masterpieces on the streaming platform.

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