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Disney: The Top Best Reviewed Pixar Films


David Mudd

We have brought forth to you the list of Top Pixar Movies!

Pixar has made 22 movies to date. We have had a fun time watching them as kids and even as adults. We bring you a list of all the top Pixar films with the best reviews.

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Finding Nemo (2003) (Top Pixar Movies)

Well, who does not know the story of Nemo and his father? Nemo is a clownfish who lives in the reefs with his father. He is the only surviving child. All his siblings are gobbled up by a bigger fish.

One day, a fisherman’s net catches Nemo. He makes his way into an aquarium that belonged to a dentist. The story is how Nemo’s father looked for his son with his new-found friend Dory.

Top Pixar Movies

Wall-E (2008)

Watching the story of Wall-E and Eva brought tears to a lot of eyes. The movie takes place in a world where there is no life left on Earth. The world is run by robots and machines. What Wall E achieves in the movie tells a lot about humankind. Wall E instilled a sense of hope. 

It is one of the best Pixar have had so far.

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The Incredibles (2004) (Top Pixar Movies)

Mr. Incredible and Elastic Girl, made one of the best pairs in cinematic history. The story of the family with superpowers who fight against evil forces captured the attention of kids and adults alike. The couple has two children, Dash and Violet, who have superpowers like their parents.

Ratatouille (2007)

Pixar gave us this fantastic movie about a rat who has the talent to cook. His specialty is Ratatouille. We love the use of the pun. The film is an amazing treat to the eyes as we see the journey of a rat, as he discovers new recipes. In doing so, the ghost of a famous chef named Gusteau, who is the owner of the restaurant, guides him.

Top Pixar Movies

Toy Story Films (Top Pixar Movies)

Pixar has given us multiple Toy Story films so far. In the movie, Andy’s toy’s come to life when he is not around. It is interesting to see how toys can also have tales of their own. The movie is a favorite for many. One of the reasons why there are so many in the series. 

Up (2009)

We cannot forget Up while talking about the best Pixar movies. The story takes place after Carl loses the love of his life, Ellie. He is now a lonely man who is continuously bugged by Russell, a boy scout. The two become friends and go on a journey to take Carl’s house beside a waterfall, something he promised Ellie.

An old man, a cute kid, and a cute dog, what more can you want in a movie? The movie is heart whelming and brings tears to the eyes.

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