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Disney Not Giving Up On New Mutants


David Mudd

Welp, the delays just won’t stop for New Mutants! The film was initially set for a release all the way back in 2018 but it has hit several snags along the way; what with its numerous delays. Its first delay was back in February 2018 with Fox wanting to scale up the horror elements (and also to accommodate the release of Deadpool 2). The film never met its 2019 release date either, before Disney ultimately decided to release it in April 2020. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, however, those plans have again been delayed.

A few days ago, a listing appeared on Amazon for pre-ordering New Mutants. Fans thought that Disney was now doing what it should have long ago when they acquired the film from Fox. But turns out as it is, the film is not going to VOD. Disney remains committed to giving New Mutants a theatrical release date.

After the success of The Fault In Our Stars in 2014, Josh Boone expressed interest in tackling an X-Men property. Soon enough, after gaining Fox’s approval, a screenplay was penned and the film was all set to release in 2017.

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So, When Is It Coming Out Then?

Now, this was around the time where Fox was taking bolder steps with their films. Deadpool was a huge success with the audiences loving the hilarious take on the Merc With A Mouth and its irreverent style. They carved a niche for themselves within the R-Rated superhero genre. Logan went even further, giving our favourite Canadian Mutant a rousing farewell, whilst not pulling its punches with its gory tone.

Other outlets seem to be making stupid jokes on whether the film exists at all, but Disney remains committed to releasing the film as and when that’s possible. Also, I gotta ask: How on earth are they supposed to be releasing a film during a friggin’ pandemic. I wish your joke was as funny as you thought it was, Collider. Because we could all use a laugh in these trying times!