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Disney: Disneyland Being Shut Down For The First Time Since 9/11


David Mudd

Disneyland is a place that is open all the time. The last time when it was shut down was 9/11. Coronavirus is taking everything down. It is a virus that is killing people, businesses and operations all at once. So many targets and just one bullet, it is hazardous. 

People are scared, the governments and the health organizations are trying their level best to control it.  The death rate is coming down, but the virus is finding new locations to spread.

Disneyland Being Shut Down Because Of Coronavirus:

Disneyland has shut down only 4 times since its beginning in 1955. A theme park is a place where so many people come every day.

Disney has so many fans all over the world and beginning to Disneyland is their dream. The dream is also non-operational because of COVID-19. Everyplace where gatherings are possible are at the verge of closing as a preventive measure. 

The owners know that they will have to incur significant losses, but still, there is nothing they can do about it. The health of people is the topmost priority, and that is why they have closed the park.

When Will It Reopen?

This may be the most extended duration for which the Disney resorts will stay closed. The owners released a message on twitter that said that there are no positive cases of COVID-19, and now they will follow all the guidelines related to prevention.

Disneyland holds a gathering of more than 250 people every day and California has announced to close every place that does that. They have accepted the decision and moved further in that direction.

Resorts, Cinema Halls And Other Events Closed:

Coronavirus has made it difficult for many businesses around the world. Most affected are the businesses which gather people at a place, like resorts, cinema halls and entertainment events. Everything is being cancelled or postponed. It is a scary time for these businesses, and they hope that everything gets back to normal soon. 

Everyone is taking precautions, and Disney is also contributing to it. It is the time when everyone is thinking about the world and its people before their business or their profit. The world is coming together; let’s hope we win the war against COVID-19 soon.