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Disney+: Disney, Apple And Amazon Join Netflix In Reducing Streaming Speed


David Mudd

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all the people that are staying at home are most likely streaming on one platform or the other. This has created a problem in Europe.

Europe Suffering Due To Swamped Network

Millions of people are sitting at home every day. Most of them are probably streaming services Netflix, Prime, Apple TV, or Disney+. As a result of it, the bandwidth usage in Europe is under a lot of stress right now.

To ensure the smooth flow of digital traffic, it is essential to take immediate measures in the continent.

EU Requesting Streaming Services To Help

Considering the rising concerns of the continent, the European Union is requesting the streaming services to lower their bandwidth usage to help the cause.

The Services that are coming forward to support the EU in the crisis are:

  1. Netflix
  2. YouTube
  3. Prime Video
  4. Disney+
  5. Apple TV



Netflix is the first streaming service that responded to the request from the EU regarding the ongoing crisis. Keeping in mind the current circumstances, the service has decided to cut back on the bit rate on the streaming videos for a period of 30 days in the UK and Europe.

The quality of the videos that you watch on Netflix will still be the same.



YouTube followed Netflix in the movement. However, the approach it took was slightly different from the former.

YouTube has set the default definition of all videos to standard quality for the coming 30 days in Europe and the UK. The users can manually change the definition if they’re willing. But the decision to change the default is still going to create a huge difference.

Prime Video


Amazon follows the path of Netflix for its Prime Video. It will decrease its bitrates while maintaining the quality of the videos in all the European countries where it operates.



Disney+ is set to launch in Europe today (March 24th). The CEO of Disney+ postponed the release of the platform In France. It will now enter France on April 7th.

Disney+ will cut back the streaming quality in Europe by a quarter.

Read more about the launch of the service in other countries here.

Apple TV

Apple TV

Although Apple has made no official announcement regarding it, the videos on the Apple TV are playing on a lower resolution in the European countries.

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