Disjointed Season 3 : Things You Need To Know!


David Mudd

Disjointed is an English comedy-drama series whose episodes were broadcast on the streaming service Netflix. The first collection of ten episodes was released on the 25th of August 2017, and a second collection of ten episodes was released on the 14th of February 2018. Unfortunately, the drama did not succeed in capturing the hearts of both viewers and critics. Furthermore, it did not fare well on popular platforms such as IMDB and many other similar ones.

It currently has a 19 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is significantly lower than the showrunner’s expectations. However, as the adage goes, “Every coin has two sides,” and so it is with this series. Despite the fact that the drama did not receive positive reviews from the majority of the audience, some viewers enjoyed the show, and as a result, they are anticipating the release of additional seasons.

Disjointed Season 3

They are also requesting a release date for Disjointed Season 3. If you are a big fan of this comedy-drama, I want to inform you that the showrunners have announced their decisions, which you can view here.

Are We Getting to Know Disjointed Season 3 Release Date?

As previously stated, the first half of season 1 was released in August 2017, with the remaining half becoming available for streaming in February 2018. After the conclusion of the entire season, it was expected that Netflix would renew the drama and also give the series an additional opportunity to deliver a better performance in order to improve its overall rating. Fans’ hopes were dashed, however, when Netflix announced the cancellation of the drama series in February of 2018.

Netflix did not disclose the specific reasons for the cancellation, but it appears that the series suffered a financial loss as a result of low streaming views. This occurred as a result of the release of another show, Ranch, at the same time as the Disjointed. The ranch, like other businesses, was subjected to criticism and received negative feedback from customers. However, in addition to its flaws, the drama had some redeeming qualities, whereas this was not the case with this series.

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That is one of the reasons why the showrunners decided to cancel the series. However, there is still a slim chance that the series will be renewed if Netflix decides to reverse its decision. It is possible to bring the drama back to life by introducing new twists and characters. However, if we take the reports of reliable sources such as Finance Rewind into consideration, the drama will never occur. The disjointed season 3 release date will not be announced in the near future, which is unfortunate.

How Will Disjointed Season 3 Plot Be?

The drama tells the storey of a woman named Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, who is portrayed as a strong female character. After years of planning and preparation, the day has finally arrived in her life for which she has waited so long: she has finally opened her own pharmacy. We are all aware of how difficult it can be for a single individual to manage the operations of a medical supply store. That’s why she has some men who assist her in running her business, including her two adult sons, friends, and a security guard.

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With each new episode, we learn more about Ruth’s struggles as she encounters new challenges. Her pharmacy business is having difficulties as a result of the marijuana web show hosts Dank and Dabby. These difficulties grow as she sells cannabis to children who are too young to understand the consequences of their actions and as she smokes marijuana in the jungle. There are a few good comedy dialogues in the drama, which can make us laugh at times while also irritating us at other times.

Despite the fact that the drama hasn’t garnered much attention, the actress who stars in it is responsible for much of its success. Carter is played by Tone Bell, who has a significant role in the series. Bates Bell has also given a commendable performance as the character of an Iraq War veteran who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD). Aside from them, other actors have not delivered strong performances, which is another negative aspect of the series.

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How Many Episodes Will Be in Disjointed Season 3?

As we previously stated, the showrunners have decided to cancel the series, and as a result, we are unable to provide you with any information about its upcoming episodes. Furthermore, we don’t want to make any incorrect predictions.

Is There Any News of Disjointed Season 3 Trailer?

Disjointed Season 3

Season 3 has been officially cancelled by the showrunners, so there is no need to speculate about whether or not the trailer will be released. By the way, if you enjoyed the first season of Disjointed, you can watch the trailer for the second season embedded above.