Discovering the FDA’s Updated Criteria for Blood Donation Eligibility!



Blood donations are a kind of benediction for those patients who are in need of transfusions, surgeries, and various medical treatments. However, it can save the lives of millions of masses around the globe every day. It is not possible for everyone to donate blood as well as criteria have also changed.

Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Through this post, I have explained everything to know regarding who can donate blood and the FDA’s new guidelines. Without wasting any time, let’s dive into it and find the answers to our all queries.

Previous Blood Donation Criteria

For so many years, the government as well as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had put some restrictions on Blood donation criteria so that donating blood is not eligible for numerous masses around the world. However, they are very concerned about the transmission of infectious diseases, particularly HIV. Love watching Bloody Scenarios then watch Blood Treasure Season 3 and Blood and Water.

blood donation eligibility

Suh types of restrictions include deferrals based on sexual orientation, gender, and travel history to regions with a high prevalence of certain diseases. If you want to know about new criteria as well as the official statements passed by the Food and Drug Administration. I have mentioned below everything! Just continue scrolling down and learn something new every time. Before proceeding further, read Bloomingdale’s Review 2023 How Expensive is Bloomingdale?

The FDA’s New Guidelines

In recent years Food and Drug Administration has found out that such types of restrictions are outdated and unnecessarily restrictive. They have been working to upgrade these guidelines to ensure that more people can contribute to the blood supply and can have the chance to help those patients who are in serious as well as critical condition. Here is the list of all those people who can donate blood from now on!

  • Men Who Have S*x with Men (MSM): previously, MSM was a lifetime ban in order to donate blood but under new Food and Drug Administration Guidelines, those people were eligible to donate blood.
  • Travel-Related Deferrals: The new guidelines demonstrate some traveling destinations that contain some sort of risk so that some masses have to wait and some are eligible for this.
  • Tattoos and Piercings: Now, people having Tattoos and piercings can immediately donate blood in the view of helping others who need it.

blood donation eligibility

  • S*x Work and Commercial S*x Work: However, eligibility of donating blood by s*x work and commercial s*x works depends on some factors.
  • Intravenous Drug Use: The researchers found that the use of drugs carries some risk of infection transmission. New guidelines will consider individual behaviors and the time elapsed since the last drug use.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination: Those who have COVID-19 Vaccination can have the chance to donate blood.


Laconically, The FDA’s new blood donation guidelines represent some steps so that the process will be more inclusive, while still maintaining a high level of safety for recipients. It is important to look at the eligibility programs as well as statements.

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