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Discover Top 10 Dangerous Cities to Live in Utah



Utah, a state known for its stunning natural beauty and strong economic growth, is not immune to the challenges of crime. This article explores the top ten most dangerous cities in Utah, providing insights into their crime rates and highlighting the need for awareness and safety.

1. South Salt Lake

South Salt Lake, unfortunately, takes the top spot as Utah’s most dangerous city. Residents face a 1 in 103 likelihood of falling victim to violent crimes like assault, theft, sexual assault, or murder. The city also experiences the highest property crime rate in the state, with approximately five burglaries occurring weekly​​.

2. Salt Lake City

Utah’s capital and largest city, Salt Lake City, ranks second in terms of crime. With a population of over 200,000, the city recorded the second highest violent crime rate, with a monthly homicide and a daily theft on average​​​​.

3. West Valley City

West Valley City, Utah’s second most populated city, has faced rapid growth that brought along a higher crime rate. It has a violent crime rate of 6.99 per 1,000 individuals and 31.89 property crimes per 1,000 residents​​​​.

4. Ogden

As Utah’s eighth-largest city and an important railway hub, Ogden has the fifth-highest violent crime rate in the state at 4.37 per 1,000 individuals and a high property crime rate of 36.55 per 1,000 residents​​​​.

5. Murray

Murray, known for its commerce and trade, faces a violent crime rate of 4.39 and a property crime rate of 58.22 per 1,000 residents. Despite being a “Tree City” and having various recreational facilities, Murray struggles with crime​​.

6. Woods Cross

Despite its small size, Woods Cross has a violent crime rate of 364 per 100,000 residents. The city, known for its museums and state parks, has a relatively low property crime rate but still faces challenges with violent crimes​​.

7. Grantsville

Grantsville, with a violent crime rate of 301 per 100,000, compares favorably to the national average. This city, known for its annual Old Folks Sociable, has a low rate of property crimes but faces issues with violent crimes, particularly rape​​.

8. Cedar City

Cedar City, a medium-sized city, has a violent crime rate of 277 per 100,000. Known for its annual Utah Shakespeare Festival and Utah Summer Games, Cedar City faces challenges with aggravated assaults​​​​.

9. West Jordan

West Jordan, with a population of 117,644, has a violent crime rate of 224 per 100,000 and is known for facing primarily aggravated assaults and property crimes​​.

10. Roosevelt

Roosevelt, a smaller city in Utah, presents a significant challenge with a violent crime rate of 665 per 100,000, making it the fourth most dangerous in the state for violent crimes. The city also has the second highest rate of sexual assault cases in Utah​​.

Understanding Crime in Utah

The crime rates in these cities are influenced by a variety of factors, including economic conditions, population density, and local law enforcement efforts. While the overall crime rates in Utah might be higher than the national average in certain areas, it is essential to understand these underlying factors to develop effective crime prevention strategies.

Staying Safe in Utah’s Cities

While Utah boasts many safe and picturesque communities, it is crucial for residents and visitors to remain vigilant, especially in cities with higher crime rates. Awareness of one’s surroundings, securing personal belongings, and staying informed about local crime trends can significantly enhance personal safety.

In conclusion,

while Utah is generally a safe state, these cities show that crime is a concern that cannot be overlooked. Understanding the specific challenges each city faces and taking appropriate safety measures can help mitigate risks and ensure a safer environment for all.