Discover Slip Release Date: Take Unique Journey Through Parallel Universes In Search Of Love And Self-Discovery


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The new American series Slip release date about parallel universes starring Zoe Lister-Jone is out. It’s a streaming television series developed and starring Zoe Lister-Jones. Lister-Jones plays a lady who travels across many parallel universes in quest of her partner. The show is planned to premiere on The Roku Channel.

Release Date Of Slip

Slip, a new American comedy series, will premiere on The Roku Channel on April 21st! With so many wonderful shows starting this month, such as Ted Lasso, You, and The Mandalorian Season 4, it’s easy to believe that other series will be of comparable quality. But Slip will be a welcome shift. It will bring a unique perspective on life, whether people like it or not.

Cast Of Slip

Zoe Lister-Jones not only created the show but also plays Mae Cannon, She is the heroine who travels across many parallel realities. Zoe has acted in a number of films and television series over the years. Her previous roles include Lily in Whitney, Kate in Friends with Better Lives, Jen in Life in Pieces, and Liza in How It Ends. Her other notable works include Band-Aid, Breaking Upwards, Arranged, and Consumed.

Whitmer Thomas in the role of Elijah, Emily Hampshire in the role of Sandy, Amar Chadha-Patel in the role of Eric, Sofia Galasso in the role of Eva, Lily Gao, Lauren Collins, Lovina Yavari, Joyce Rivera, Kayla Jo Farris, and many other brilliant actors in the series.

Plot Of Slip

Mae, played by Lister-Jones, is a woman who is dissatisfied with her life and marriage. Although she and her husband are in love, things have become a little stale. Mae meets the handsome Eric at a pub one night. She ends up having a fling with him. She wakes up scared the next morning, only to see she’s somehow gone into a parallel dimension. There she and Eric are actually married.

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This unexpected change of events sends Mae on a bizarre trip through several universes and relationships. All the while trying to find a way back to her husband and, finally, rediscover herself.

Whitmer Thomas,  known for his roles as Gunther in The Walking Dead and Lukas in Ghosted, plays Mae’s husband, Elijah, in Slip. He’s also appeared in a number of other well-known films and television shows, including Stone Quackers, GLOW, The Immortal Jellyfish, and Workaholics.

Slip Release Date

And here’s an unusual fact: Tymika Tafari, best known for her work on PAW Patrol, Work It Out Wombats!, and Murdoch Mysteries, plays Mae’s buddy Gina. Tafari’s character appears to assist Mae in making some difficult decisions in the teaser.

Review of Slip

Lister-Jones has a unique and remarkable vision for Slip. It sets it apart from the many recent stories about parallel universes despite its science-fiction premise. Slip is not concerned with exploring the multiverse. Rather, it investigates the characters inhabiting it and examines how their relationships intersect and diverge.

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The series is centered on creating genuine and exceptional characters, particularly partners through subtle interactions. These characters include unpleasant stockbrokers, lesbian bar owners, and renowned musicians, the latter being the most intriguing of the lot. Slip delves into the chaotic aftermath resulting from acts of love and desperation.

Where To Watch Slip?

Slip is produced by Boat Rocker and TeaTime Pictures, with TeaTime’s Executive Producers being Ro Donnelly, Dakota Johnson(who is quite rich), and Katie O’Connell Marsh. Boat Rocker’s executive producers are Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier.

Slip Release Date

The show is produced by Karen Harnisch, and Zoe Lister-Jones serves as executive producer as well. Colin Davis, Roku’s Head of Scripted Originals, praised Slip. They called it a “truly fantastic show” written by Lister-Jones. Davis noted that collaborating with Boat Rocker and TeaTime Pictures to bring Slip to The Roku Channel was an obvious option.


Slip explores the concept of parallel universes via the eyes of one lady who must travel across them to find her way back home. It explores the premise that a slight alteration in our life can make everything better.

This notion is used by Zoe Lister-Jones to explore the idea that our lives are molded not only by the decisions we make but also by the relationships we have with others. It shows how the connections with others affect our identities and sense of self.

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