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Discover the personal life of WWE personality Samantha Irvin girlfriend of Ricochet. Get all the details on their relationship and how they met. Samantha Irvin is the girlfriend of WWE wrestler Trevor Mann, who goes by the ring name Ricochet. She is a WWE ring announcer and their relationship was made public on social media in November 2021.

The couple got engaged on January 10, 2023, and made the announcement on social media. For those who are curious about her, this article provides a comprehensive overview of all the information available about Samantha Irvin.

Who is Ricochet?

Ricochet is known for his impressive athletic ability in the wrestling ring and has been entertaining fans with his high-flying moves and innovative finisher, the 630-splash. He has achieved great success in WWE, holding mid-card titles in all three WWE brands and winning the 2022 SmackDown World Cup.

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Despite his public persona as a wrestler, not much is known about Ricochet’s personal life. However, fans recently learned that Ricochet, whose real name is Trevor Mann, is now engaged to his girlfriend Samantha Irvin, after they announced the news on social media on January 10th.

Ricochet Career

Ricochet made his professional wrestling debut in 2003 and has since then worked for various independent wrestling promotions across the world. He gained recognition for his high-flying and acrobatic wrestling style, which earned him the nickname “The King of the High Flyers.”

He has won numerous championships in independent wrestling, including the PWG World Championship, the EVOLVE Championship, and the DDT Extreme Division Championship.

WWE Personality Samantha Irvin Girlfriend of Ricochet

In 2018, Ricochet signed with WWE and made his debut on the NXT brand. He quickly made a name for himself in NXT and won the NXT North American Championship. He was eventually called up to the main roster, where he has since competed in WWE’s Raw and SmackDown brands.

Throughout his career in WWE, Ricochet has continued to display his incredible athleticism and has won several championships, including the United States Championship. Ricochet is considered to be one of the most talented and innovative professional wrestlers of his generation and continues to be a fan favorite in WWE.

Samantha Irvin Girlfriend of Ricochet

WWE personality Samantha Irvin is the girlfriend of American professional wrestler, Ricochet (real name Trevor Dean Mann). The couple publicly acknowledged their relationship on social media in November 2021 and announced their engagement on January 10, 2023.


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Samantha Irvin works as a ring announcer for WWE. Not much is known about her personal life, but she is known for her relationship with Ricochet.

Samantha Irvin Career

Samantha Irvin is best known as a ring announcer for WWE. She has worked for the company for several years and has been a part of various events and shows. Irvin’s role is to introduce wrestlers, announce matches, and keep the audience informed about what is happening in the ring.

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She is known for her smooth voice and professional demeanor and has been well-received by the WWE universe. Irvin’s career in WWE is an important part of her professional life, and she continues to work for the company to this day.

Do They Have Kids Together?

Ricochet and Samantha, both of whom are now engaged, were single parents before they started dating. Ricochet has a son who he refers to as “little man,” but hasn’t revealed his real name. On the other hand, Samantha has a four-year-old daughter named Myra. Despite not having children together, they have formed a strong bond with each other’s kids.

WWE Personality Samantha Irvin Girlfriend of Ricochet

The two were able to connect through their experiences as single parents and have become an important part of each other’s lives. Just prior to proposing, Ricochet celebrated Samantha’s birthday with her and then proposed, which she happily accepted. They shared their engagement news with the world on social media.

Samantha Irvin In America’s Got Talent

Samantha Irvin, who is also known by her real name Samantha Johnson, is a versatile individual who has a number of accomplishments in different fields besides her work with WWE. She has demonstrated her singing abilities by participating in two popular talent shows – American Idol and America’s Got Talent.

Although she did not make it far in American Idol, she was successful in getting through the initial rounds of America’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, she was not able to proceed further as she was eliminated during the Judge Cuts phase after her audition.

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Samantha Irvin’s talents are not limited to singing and being a ring announcer. In the past, she held the position of drama club director at Normandin Middle School and was also highly skilled at playing the flute. She even showcased her flute-playing abilities on the Fox TV show “I Can See Your Voice“.

At present, Irvin is using her voice to entertain audiences as a ring announcer on WWE TV. It remains to be seen what the future holds for this talented individual and what new opportunities she will pursue.

The Talented Life of Samantha Irvin

Irvin is a WWE ring announcer and has been with the company for several years. Irvin is a versatile individual with talents in singing, drama, and playing the flute. She has participated in popular talent shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent. The couple is comprised of two single parents, Ricochet having a son and Irvin having a daughter named Myra.

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