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Discover All The Surprising Details Of Matilde Faria Wife Of Jose Mourinho

Get to know Matilde Faria wife of José Mourinho, one of the most successful football managers in history. Learn about their marriage and family life. Matilde Faria is the wife of José Mourinho, a Portuguese professional football manager, and coach. They got married in 1989 and have two children together.

Matilde Faria is a doctor by profession and has kept a low profile throughout her husband’s career in football. Not much information is publicly available about her, but it is known that she has been a supportive wife to José Mourinho throughout his career.

Who is Matilde Faria?

Do you have the details about Matilde Faria wife Of José Mourinho? Matilde Faria was born on August 14, 1965, making her 57 years old. Her parents were both humanitarian aid workers in Angola and she was also born in the same country but later moved to Setubal where she grew up. Unfortunately, not much is known about Matilde’s childhood.

Matilde and José Mourinho met when they were young and grew up in the same neighborhood. They were high school sweethearts and after a few years of dating, they got married in 1989, before they turned 18. José Mourinho, whose full name is José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix, is currently the manager and head coach of the Italian Serie A club, Roma. He has previously managed several high-profile clubs, including Inter Milan, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Real Madrid.

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Throughout his professional career, Mourinho has won numerous major trophies, making him one of the most successful managers of all time. With 27 major honors to his name, he is widely recognized as one of the best managers in the history of the sport.

Matilde Faria and José Mourinho Kids

Matilde Faria and José Mourinho had their first child together in 1996 and named her Matilde. Their son, José Mario Jr., was born in 2000. Matilde is known by the nickname “Tita” by friends and family. It is reported that Matilde has studied at the University of the Arts in London and Camberwell College of Arts, but this has not been confirmed.

Matilde Faria Wife Of José Mourinho

José Mario Jr. was born in Barcelona, Spain when his father was managing the team, Benfica, in Lisbon, Portugal. He started playing football as a goalkeeper for the youth teams of Chelsea and Real Madrid. His grandfather was also a goalkeeper and later became a manager, similar to José Mourinho. In 2016, José Mario Jr. signed a two-year contract with Fulham, but he suffered an ankle injury and left the team by mutual consent in April 2017, becoming a free agent.

Matilde Faria Social Media

Matilde Faria keeps a low profile and is not active on social media, but her daughter Tita is popular on her social accounts. Tita has an Instagram account under the name @matildefmf, which has over 48,000 followers. She posts pictures of herself and her pet dog, as well as promotes her jewelry products. Tita is the founder of @matilde.jewellery, which has a little over 23,000 followers on Instagram.


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Tita is a social butterfly and enjoys partying in London with other celebrities and friends. Not much is known about her personal life or relationships, but she was seen with Irish singer and songwriter Niall Horan in 2015. The two were spotted partying together until the early hours of the morning, but a source close to Horan stated that they were just friends and not dating.

Matilde Faria’s Love Story

You have often speculated about the stability of Matilde Faria and Jose Mourinho’s marriage, and rumors have circulated that Jose has been unfaithful on multiple occasions. One such rumor came to light in 2007 after Jose was fired from Chelsea when a woman named Elsa Sousa claimed that she had had an affair with him.

However, both Matilde and Jose vehemently denied these claims. Three years later, another woman, Lelesit Silvan, from Kenya, claimed that she had been involved with Jose during his stay in the country and that he had even asked her to marry him. Again, both Matilde and Jose strongly denied these allegations.

Matilde Faria Wife Of José Mourinho

Despite these rumors, Matilde has consistently stood by her husband, and their marriage has remained intact. There is little known about Matilde’s personal life, as she keeps a low profile and is not active on social media. Nevertheless, she is known for being a supportive and loving wife, who has been with her husband through thick and thin. In regard to the rumors surrounding José Mourinho, it’s not uncommon for the media and fans to jump on any opportunity to create rumors about public figures.

Controversies Surrounding José Mourinho’s Personal Life

This has been the case for José, with one particular rumor suggesting that he and his wife Matilde had split up after he was spotted without his wedding ring. However, this was not the only rumor surrounding José as there have been reports of him having a secret friendship with an IT manager named Prue Carter-Robinson.

The two of them first met when José was managing Real Madrid from 2010-2013 and Prue was working for IBM. Pictures of Prue and José in Madrid were leaked to the public, leading to news agencies speculating about a romantic relationship between the two and that they were going on lavish holidays together.

However, both Prue and José have denied any romantic involvement and declined to share details about their friendship. In December 2018, José attempted a legal challenge to stop a magazine from revealing information about their friendship but was unsuccessful in doing so.

José Mourinho As a Family Man

As a family man, José Mourinho is known to prioritize his loved ones above everything else. Despite his successful career as a football manager, he has made sure that his family remains the center of his life. He has been married to Matilde Faria for over 30 years and the couple has two children, a daughter, and a son.
Mourinho is known for his strong family values and has always maintained a close relationship with his children and wife. He is also known for his love for his pets, especially his dogs. Despite the rumors and scandals that have surrounded his personal life, Mourinho has always remained committed to his family and has never let fame and success get in the way of his relationships.

Matilde Faria Supports José Mourinho Despite Rumors

Throughout José’s professional career, rumors have circulated about his personal life, including allegations of infidelity, but Matilde has remained supportive of her husband and their marriage has remained intact. Despite the rumors, Matilde is known for being a loving and supportive wife who has been with her husband through thick and thin.
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