Discover About Netflix “Money Heist” Spinoff: Berlin Season 1 Release Date, Plot, Cast And Much More!


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Find out about Berlin season 1 release date, and mark your calendars for the much-awaited debut. Follow the crew as they plot the ultimate heist and take part in their spectacular heist. The series is action-packed and will have you on the edge of your seat, so don’t miss it! Prepare to fully immerse yourself in the Berlin experience!

Release Date of Berlin Season 1

Netflix is gearing up for a full-fledged spin-off with the fan-favorite character Berlin from its popular show,”Money Heist“. The new show, titled “Berlin”, will focus on the titular character Berlin, also known as Andrés de Fonollosa. As per What’s On Netflix, The show is set to release on December 29, 2023.

Teaser Announcement of Berlin Season 1

The Berlin teaser trailer is based on the idea of construction and planning, featuring the character Berlin, played by Alonso, who is planning a heist at an auction house. In the trailer, he is seen playing with a miniature model of the area, setting up paper models of the getaway car, decoys, and security personnel who will be guarding the giant safe.

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He then examines the valuable treasure before getting distracted by a cutout of a mysterious woman in his model, who is implied to be Berlin’s love interest in the story. Creator Pina stated during Netflix’s Tudum event last year that the upcoming show will be a journey through the character’s golden years when he was stealing all over Europe while being madly in love.

Expected Plot of Berlin Season 1

The upcoming spin-off series, “Berlin,” will focus on the character Berlin, also known as Andrés de Fonollosa. As a prequel to “Money Heist,” the series is expected to explore the early years of Berlin, including his relationships and his various heists throughout Europe. Given that Berlin is brothers with The Professor, there may be a focus on their relationship and early years together.

berlin season 1 release date

Additionally, the series may delve deeper into Berlin’s battle with Helmer Myopathy and his heist in Champs-Élysées, Paris, where he stole 434 diamonds. Overall, fans can expect a thrilling and action-packed prequel that expands upon the complex and layered design of the character of Berlin.

New Characters In The Money Heist Spin-Off

Michelle Jenner takes on the role of Keila, who is an accomplished expert in electronic engineering. Tristán Ulloa embodies the character of Damián, a kind-hearted professor and trusted confidant of Berlin. Begoña Vargas portrays Cameron, as a daring individual who constantly seeks out thrills and lives on the edge.

Julio Peña Fernández brings Roi to life, a loyal follower and trusted companion of Berlin. Joel Sánchez plays the part of Bruce, a fearless and unstoppable member of the gang who is always ready for action

Who’s behind the Production of Berlin on Netflix?

Berlin season 1 was created by Esther Martinez Lobato and Alex Pina, the original author of Money Heist. Additionally, David Oliva and David Barrocal were also named as writers for the show. Pina is also one of the producers of the show. The series was directed by Barrocal, Albert Pintó, and Geoffrey Cowper. Pina is a well-known Spanish TV producer, director, and writer.

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He has created and produced popular shows such as Los Serrano, and many notable famous Spanish shows. He also wrote and directed the British-Spanish mystery thriller White Lines, which was released in 2020, as well as the Spanish comedy-action series Sky Rojo, available on Netflix.

berlin season 1 release date

Lobato is also a writer and producer who has worked with Pina and Barrocal on Money Heist, where they produced some episodes. She has also worked as a writer and showrunner on Sky Rojo, Los Hombres de Paco, El Embarcadero, White Lines, and Barrocal.

Will Professor Return For Berlin Season 1?

The Professor is expected to make a comeback in the upcoming season, as he is revealed to be Berlin’s brother. This new development in their relationship is likely to be explored in the show, shedding light on how it impacted the events that unfolded during The Money Heist.

Fans can anticipate gaining a deeper understanding of Berlin’s character, as the new series is set to delve into his past and depict him during his younger years. However, there is no proof of it.

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