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Dirty Money Season 3: Release Date, Theories, Plot And Everything We Know By Now

The corporate world is a weird place. It is filled with competitiveness, corruption and frauds. This explanation pretty much sums up the story of Dirty Money.

Each episode brings you a new scandal from the corporate world. At times, it might seem unreal, but these stories are true. The Netflix original series is a must-watch.

Release Date Dirty Money

The first season aired on January 26th, 2018. Alex Gibney is the executive producer of the show. The show gained quick appreciation worldwide.

The second season of the show was released on March 11th this year and received a similar response.

Dirty Money

Netflix has not confirmed the date for the release of the third season. But we are assuming that it will be out sometime in March 2021.

The Cast For The Upcoming Season

We cannot comment about the cast for the next season because the list is not officially released. And with new scandals, in each episode, the list is going to vary.

The first and second season of the show consisted of six episodes each, and the third one presumably will follow suit.

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Plot For The Third Season

It will follow the regular format of the show. The intriguing documentary will continue to expose more scandals and dig deeper into the functioning of the corporate world.

It will also feature a lot of interviews with celebrated and prominent personalities such as Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and many more.

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Trailer Dirty Money

Dirty Money

The trailer for the third season is not released yet. We will keep you updated on more information about the trailer and the show.

Stay tuned for more buzz about the latest films, documentaries, gossip, celebrities and much more.

We hope our readers are at home and are keeping well. Make sure to stay safe. Happy Reading!

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