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Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 6: All Updates


David Mudd

Turkish dramas are a newfound source of delight for millions of viewers across the globe. Among them, many have become the watershed in the Turkish entertainment industry as well as in the world at large. But Resurrection: Ertughrul is one of the handfuls that has directly received endorsement from the Turkish President.  Even Imran Khan, the prime minister of Pakistan too has promoted it which led to a huge number of viewership. 

Ertugrul is the most sensational show of the moment. The show has been running for more than 5 years and has launched 6 seasons to date. Ertugrul is produced by TRT, a national broadcaster. It is inspired by the life story of Ertugrul whose son was the first Caliph of the Ottoman empire. 

The show beautifully brings back the glory days of the 13 th century Ottoman empire which, at this point, may be seen as an echo of Turkey’s rising power. 

Plot of Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 6 

The historical drama is set in ancient times before the establishment of the glorious Ottoman empire. The drama revolves around Ertugrul of the Key tribe, the father of Osman, who became the first Caliph of the Ottoman empire. 

Back to the past 

The historical adventure follows the journey of Ertugrul, the son of Suleyman of the Kayi tribe. It takes us back to the times when the superior Bei (pronounced as Beik or Beg ) led the Kayi towards a prosperous future. It tells us about the times when the Middle East used to be a centre of excellence in art, culture and economy. Ertugrul put all the resources of his people and the surroundings to lay down the first layer of what later will be known as The Ottoman Empire. 

Treachery and  Bloodbath 

When the Beys were trying to establish their settlement and gain land, they often faced conflicts and challenges from the Templars, who were a Catholic Military group. Apart from them, there were the Mongols and Huns who raised extremely difficult bars for the Beuys to surmount to reign. Even in the Islamic community itself, a lot of rivals did not like Ertugrul’s rise as a leader and they did not leave any chance to destroy him. They even tried to destroy the Bey alliance with other tribes.  This more than often leads to the bloodbath. 

What Makes Ertugrul Ghazi exceptional 

the main lead actor from Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 6
Featuring the protagonist from Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 6!

Ertugrul Ghazi stands for honour, respect, loyalty, leadership and protection. Despite being a skilled warrior and an insightful political person, he had a deeply caring side for those who loved him. Transparency is embedded in his nature and this is why he cannot tolerate traitors. 

The show offers excellent action sequences. Ghazi shining his brave sword is one of the most delightful scenes ever. The sword was crafted by Wild Dimir. The hilt of his sword is embellished with a red tassel. 

Halime Hatun 

Halime is the first and only love of Ertugrul. He fell in love with her in the very beginning when he saved her from the Templars. She is kind, wise and extremely loyal to Ertugrul. 

Initially, she was not very welcome in the Keyi tribe, especially by Selçan. She knew that Ertugrul and Halime both had feelings for each other and she hated it. She wanted her own younger sister Gokci to marry Ertugrul.

But later on, she befriends Halime and repents her past actions.

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Season 5 

a glimpse from Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 6
Featuring a still from Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 6

In season 5, the horse riding ferocious Turk warriors once again come together to strengthen their capital city of Sogut(of Anatolia) and expand further west. Things start to fall apart when the Mongols once again come back to challenge Ertgrul and this time they hit it with all their might. Ertugrul stands to pay the ultimate price.

He has indeed raised his sons to be strong enough to sacrifice their lives for what they believe in. Now everything will be put to test. 

Season 6

Season 6 is supposed to pick up from the middle of the extremely difficult situation between the Mongols and the Turks. We expect a lot of actions, war strategies and inspiring speeches. 

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Release date of Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 6 

Sadly we have no official release date as of yet. 

Availability of Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 6 

The show is available on Netflix, the online streaming service. 

The Cast of Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 6 

the star cast of Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 6
The amazing star cast of Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 6 is here!
  • Director(s): Metin Günay
  • Producer(s): Mehmet Bozdağ
  • Writer(s): Mehmet Bozdağ
  • Engin Altan Düzyatan as Ertugrul Gazi
  • Hulya Darian as Hayme Hatun
  • Cengiz Coşkun as Turgut Alp
  • Burcu Kıratlı as Gökçe Hatun 
  • Serdar Gökhan as Suleyman Shah
  • Kaan Ta’aner as Gündo’du Bey
  • Esra Bilgiç as Halime Sultan
  • Kerem Beki’o’lu as Savc’ Bey
  • Emre Üçtepe as Osman Gazi

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The effects of the series are far-reaching. Tv media is the best platform yet to communicate the cultural resonance of any country. The global popularity of the show is not only bringing the majority of the Islamic countries together but also helps Turkey to exercise its soft power over the world. 

The series has us looking back at the Middle East part of Asia and how powerful and mesmerizing it used to be. It also shows Islam is its purest and truest form which in a way makes us question Islam phobia presented to us by the on-Muslims.

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