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Die Hard 6: Is It Happening? Is It Cancelled? All We Know So Far

When you think American action, you think Die Hard. And thinking of Die Hard, lately I have been thinking of Die Hard 6. What happened to the series? Where did it go? It seems like an eternity since we heard of anything even remotely related to Die Hard 6. We are sure even you are wondering what happened to the franchise since you are clearly still here. It is somewhere in the back of your mind. The curiosity of what really happened to the Bruce Willis blockbuster. Don't worry, we got your back. Read on to find out.

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Die Hard: The Story So Far

Die Hard
Bruce Willis' Die Hard is the classic American Action Movie

Die Hard is often considered by many to be the epitome of American action films. And rightly so, with the right amount of guns, slurs, and a universal spite for the Russians, Die Hard is the fantasy of any American Supremacist. Starring Bruce Willis in the main role, Die Hard has been THE ACTION FILM for many of us growing up. My particular favorite from the series is Die Hard 3. I feel that it blends the right amount of action and story into a compelling narrative that just keeps you watching for hours on end without any thought for anything else, whether it be chores around the house or walking your dog out on the straight, or just straight up going to the toilet.


To give a brief idea about the whole premise for the series: Die Hard is an all American guns blazing movie series starring Bruce Willis. The series is based on the novel Nothing Lasts Forever authored by Roderick Thorp. The series follows our main character Detective John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) as he fights for the city and prevents it from all kinds of disasters, big and catastrophic.

The Die Hard series has had 5 releases so far, each very distinct from the other. The latest release in the series, Die Hard 5, or as the producers titled it, “A Good Day to Die Hard” came out several years ago and from then we haven't had another addition to the series. A Good Day to Die Hard did generally good at the box office and received generally favorable reviews. So far, all the 5 films combined have earned over 1.4 Billion US Dollars worldwide. Even so, we are still left wondering about the fate of the franchise.

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Die Hard 6: Is It Happening

Die Hard 6
They tried to fool us yet again

The topic of Die Hard 6 is one involving a lot of hearsay and skepticism. To this point, we don't have a sure shot answer to the fate of the franchise. During the production of the now 7 years old “A Good Day to Die Hard”, Bruce Willis, the star of the movie, expressed his desire to retire from the role of the detective John Mcclane, calling for a “fleshed out” conclusion to the story of the legend. By all measures, that should have concluded the story for the franchise, but there's always something more. There are always producers looking to milk out more out of a successful franchise. And it seems to be the case for this one too, from what we can see at least.

After the release of A Good Day to Die Hard in 2013, the director of the fourth film in the series came forward with an origin story for John McClane, as is the trend for all popular characters these days. The story gained a lot of traction but ultimately went poof in the depths of the internet.

Another such misleading story was floated around when in 2020, a video of Bruce Willis in a battery commercial was spun off as the teaser to Die Hard 6.

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McClane: An Interesting Prospect

Die Hard
Does Bruce Willis Make a Return

Following the failure of 24: Legacy in 2017, series producers expressed interest in another Die Hard series running over 12 hours, saying “We want you to get invested in John McClane more than ever before.” Series creator Wiseman even started hiring for the role of a young John McClane, but nothing ever came of it.

However, in an interesting turn of events, in the July of 2018, series creators floated around the idea of another possible series/movie called McClane. The story featured the stars of the movie from both the present as well as the 1970s era, possibly hinting at a retelling of the story of their younger selves by the present day counterparts. One month later, Wiseman stated that they currently couldn't guarantee if and when McClane would come out. He explicitly said that the production on the new film would start fairly soon but there were no dates for the same.

However, the idea was soon sent into the garbage bin by none other than Disney themselves, after they bought Fox Studios in 2019. Fans of the series were highly disappointed with this move.

In another unfortunate event, Disney removed Die Hard from the Fox imprint, putting an end to any speculation of a new Die Hard film for the near future. That doesn't go to say that they might not make a Die Hard 6 later. But for the time being, it is what it is and Die Hard 6 is nowhere near the corner.

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A Consolation For The Fans

But when one door closes, another opens. Disney soon had some good news, or at least consolation for the fans. They announced that they would be producing McClane as a standalone running series. The series would air on their newly established platform Disney+ or Hulu. However, it has been quite some time since that announcement and there hasn't been much activity in the way of McClane, with Disney keeping mum and not letting out a peep. Except for telling us that the project is not a current priority.

McClane: What We Do Know

Die Hard
Will the Die Hard franchise make a return?

With the current status of the Die Hard franchise, we would place our bets that it would be at least 2022 before McClane, or any other Die Hard project, comes out on Disney's popular streaming platform or on the big screen. The COVID pandemic doesn't help either. Action blockbusters take a lot to shoot, and a lot of free space, none of which are luxuries we can afford at the moment. So things look bleak in the way of another Die Hard project.

What has been confirmed though is that Bruce Willis will be returning as John McClane in the new series McClane.

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What Else Do We Know

As for the story, McClane is expected to go back to the roots with Die Hard: Year One. The series will reportedly be casting two actors for the role of John McClane, Bruce Willis as the older and wiser McClane, and another for the younger 20-something McClane. It is surely going to be a series focusing on character development, contrasting the McClane of the 70s from the McClane of now. And it is going to be interesting as hell.

And you know what else comes with Die Hard. Guns blazing, grenades toting, explosions all around, the Die Hard formula is definitely going to be there. It would be such a disappointment if it isn't.

For now, we're keeping our fingers crossed on the fate of the franchise, with hopes that the much debated McClane shall soon materialize into something amazing and memorable.

If you're fans of the Die Hard series and want to watch it, you can stream it on Amazon Prime.

Die Hard 6 Cancelled
Die Hard 6 Poster

What do you think is going to happen with Die Hard? Do you think McClane is going to drop in 2022? Or do you think this is going to be another one of Disney's projects that they scrap and leave for dead? Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comments section down below. Stay tuned in to Trending News Buzz for the latest updates.

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