Did Orlando Brown Really Claim to Have a Baby With Raven-symone?



Nowadays, the internet is speculating about the recent claim made by Orlando Brown, who is alleging that he and Raven-Symoné had a child together. Masses keep spreading rumors, as this claim has sparked the curiosity of knowing the truth behind such bold statements of Orlando Brown.

The officially announced statements of Orlando have raided the eyebrows of individuals worldwide. Fans and media outlets are evolving themself into widespread discussions on social media platforms and showing a mix of curiosity. It is an irrefutable reality that speculation or gossip about celebrities often fuels whispering and debates on various digital forums.

Through this exploration, I have delved into all the sensationalized rumors in the entertainment industry associated with Orlando Brown’s claims by targeting Raven-Symone. Let’s take a deep dive into this post without wasting much time and effort.


Born December 4, 1987 (age 36)

Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  • Actor
  • rapper
  • singer
  • reality star
Years active 1995–present
Spouse Sasha King
Children 5

Who is Orlando Brown?

Orlando Brown was born on December 4, 1987. He is a prominent American actor, rapper, and singer personality. He is widely recognized for his portrayal of roles as Eddie Thomas in That’s So Raven, Cadet Kevin ‘Tiger’ Dunne in Major Payne, 3J Winslow in Family Matters, and Max in Two of a Kind.

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Orlando Brown Claims He and Raven-Symone Had a Baby

However, these shows have surged his popularity to alarming heights in such a short period of time. He has garnered a strong fan base and critical acclaim for his acting skills, and talent. Additionally, he was the title protagonist in both the Waynehead (as Damey Wayne) and Fillmore! (as Cornelius Fillmore) animated series.

Did Orlando Brown Claim to Have a Baby With Raven-symoné?

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In a recent interview with Orland Brown, he clearly stated that he had a child with his former Disney Channel co-star Raven-Symoné. The majority of the masses are left in disbelief about this announcement. They keep questioning the evidence that can prove the viral statement of Orlando Brown true.

However, this claim has grabbed the significant attention of the masses all over the internet because everyone keeps speculating and spreading rumors about Brown’s statement and its implications for their past working relationship on the beloved series “That’s So Raven.” Before proceeding further, take a look at Eugenia Cooney’s remarkable comeback. What Challenges Did She Face?

Who is Raven-Symone?

The full name of Raven-Symone is Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman-Maday who was born on December 10, 1985. She is the most popular American actress, singer, and songwriter’s iconic figure. She has received various nominations and awards because of her acting skills, including NAACP Image Awards, two Kids’ Choice Awards, three Young Artist Awards, and four Emmy Awards.

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Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman

December 10, 1985 (age 38)

Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Other names Raven
Alma mater Academy of Art University (AA)
  • Actress
  • singer
  • songwriter
  • director
  • producer
  • podcaster
Years active 1989–present
Miranda Maday (m. 2020)

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What Allegation Did Orlando Make About Raven-symoné in a Recent Interview?

Cam Capone News had interviewed on April, 8th with Orlando Brown. He explained everything to the point without talking in circles or diverting everyone. He clearly stated that he fathered a child with the Raven’s Home actress. This interview has made people disbelieve about his statements, but the clip of the interview has gone viral on TikTok.

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Orlando Brown Claims He and Raven-Symone Had a Baby

He explained, “You know, I have a baby with Raven, nobody knows that,”. He had defined the personality and nature of Raven with a single word, “so dope” before breaking into a song with the incorrect lyrics, “Nobody loves me as you love me.” Do not miss out on reading,

He added, “Omina is a cool person, you guys know her as Raven-Symone. I got a baby, his name is Hunter,” that’s how he described her. He then diverged into another topic, discussing the concept of being placed in a specific circumstance and referring to Omina’s first child’s father, “Nate Dog.”

Consequently, he remarked, “So I came second,” Therefore, it’s not like a wealthy man actively pursuing a young woman or anything similar. Check out, Tom Cruise’s plastic surgery before and after!


Laconically, the statements made by Orlando Brown regarding him and Raven-Symone having a baby have no evidence. Individuals are so curious about knowing the truth. They also think that such statements are baseless.

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