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Diana Jenkins Net Worth: Let’s Take a Look at This Person’s Luxurious Lifestyle!

Diana Jenkins Net Worth

Bosnian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and reality television personality Sanela Diana Jenkins has a fortune estimated at $300 million. As a human rights crusader as well as the founder of a successful beverage start-up, Sanela Diana Jenkins has built a global reputation for her efforts.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” launched its 12th season on May 11, 2022, with the addition of Diana Jenkins as a cast member.

Diana Jenkins Early Life

Diana Jenkins was born Sanela Dijana Ćatić in 1973 in Sarajevo. She was the older of the two children that were born into a household that was of middle class. Both of her parents had careers in the business world; her father was an economist, while her mother was an accountant.

The family made their home in a simple concrete apartment building at the time, which was the sort of structure that was rather common throughout the communist era in Yugoslavia.

Irnis, the younger brother of Diana, was gunned down by Serb forces when he was barely 21 years old. This tragic event occurred. Diana was a student at the University of Sarajevo when her boyfriend was murdered there.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth

She was there to study economics. As a result of the onset of conflict, she was compelled to leave Bosnia in April 1992, while Sarajevo was being besieged. The dissolution of Yugoslavia led to the outbreak of the conflict. A violent struggle continued until December of the year 1995.

Before relocating to London, England, Jenkins was a refugee in Croatia for more than a year. Jenkins eventually settled in London. Following an absence of two years, she was eventually allowed to resume her studies at City University in London.

Diana made the astute decision to concentrate her studies on mathematics rather than English because it is not necessary to have a strong command of the language to comprehend numbers. In the end, she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Computer Science, both with honours.

Diana was awarded permanent citizenship around this time despite the fact that many of her fellow Yugoslavian refugees were not. This was due to her exceptional scholastic track record as well as the fact that she had never once requested for any type of government support.

Diana Jenkins Marriage

After being married to Roger Jenkins, a British financier, in 1999, Sanela changed her name to Sanela Diana Jenkins. They got to know one other in the gym.

Following a combined total of ten years together, Roger and Sanela decided to end their marriage and divorced after the birth of their two children. In subsequent years, they referred to their separation as “the best divorce that ever happened.”

Diana Jenkins Divorce Settlement

During the course of the divorce, Diana was awarded a settlement that was believed to be worth $300 million. The settlement catapulted Diana into the ranks of the wealthiest women in the United Kingdom almost immediately.

After a while, Diana left London and moved to Southern California, where she bought an exquisite mansion in Malibu that was perched on a cliff and included three acres. She started devoting her attention to charitable causes as well as her own business pursuits.

Diana Jenkins Neuro Drinks

Sanela Diana Jenkins is the inventor of the health drink firm Neuro Drinks, in addition to being the creator of the swimsuit brand Melissa Odabash. Neuro Drinks promotes itself as a more nutritious option than soda and caffeine-containing beverages. The company advertises products that help consumers have a better night’s sleep, feel less stressed, have stronger immune systems, and have more vitality. Sanela now serves as both the Chairwoman and CEO of the organisation.

Sanela Diana’s Philanthropy

In memory of Irnis Catic, she formed the Sanela Diana Jenkins Foundation for Bosnia and Herzegovina in the year 2002. According to reports, it is the charitable organisation in Bosnia that receives the most money from individual donors.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth

After waiting another six years, she eventually established the Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project at the University of California in Berkeley.

Thousands of people who were injured in the earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010 were treated by the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization that she founded. Jenkins and Sean Penn collaborated on this project together.

In addition to that, she has orchestrated fund-raising events for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. In addition to this, she paid the bail for the former President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ejup Gani, who was held in the United Kingdom due to an extradition request from Serbia.

Together with George Clooney, Sanela was able to earn more than ten million dollars for the “Not on Our Watch” organisation, which is dedicated to bringing awareness to the violations of human rights that are taking place in Darfur.

Sanela Diana Awards

In 2012, Sanela received the Enduring Vision Award from the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which was given to her by Elton John.

In the same year, she was recognised by the Hague Institute for Innovation in Law as one of the “World’s Top Three Justice Innovators.”

Sanela was honoured with the Isa-beg Ishakovi Award for Patriotism in 2013. This honour was bestowed upon her in 2013.

Sanela Diana Mansion

The aforementioned Malibu property was put up for sale by Sanela Diana Jenkins in the month of June 2020. The asking price of the property was $125 million.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Sanela paid $21 million for the mansion. It is said that she noticed the estate while she was out looking at possible residences with her buddy, the singer Kid Rock. Although Kid was meant to be shopping for homes for himself, Diana ended up spending $21 million on real estate instead.

It became public knowledge in February 2021 that she had transacted the sale of the home to her neighbour and co-founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, for the sum of $87 million. In 2019, Jan shelled out $100 million to purchase the property directly adjacent to his.

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