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Dexter Season 9: Release Date, Cast, Plot!

Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) has captivated audiences since the beginning of his Showtime series. People couldn’t get enough of the man who works as a blood spatter analyst during the day and hunts down other murders at night when the episode first aired in 2006. Dexter’s finale continues to elicit debate, and fans haven’t lost interest in the show since it ended in 2013.

After attempting to leave his old life behind for a new one in Argentina, Dexter’s coworkers assumed he died in a boat catastrophe. We immediately learn, however, that Dexter is still alive and well in Oregon, where he has assumed a new name. The programme purposely left the door open for Dexter Morgan to return to our screens in the future, and fans have been wondering if a season 9 will ever come to bring Dexter’s arc to a conclusion.

Dexter Season 9

Fans can expect to watch Dexter kill once again, as Showtime has announced that the series will be renewed for a 10-episode ninth season (via Deadline). Michael C. Hall and showrunner Clyde Phillips are likely to return, and here’s everything else we know about the comeback thus far.

Dexter Season 9 Premiere Date

For quite some time, a Dexter relaunch has been in the works. According to the Deadline story, production on the limited run would begin in early 2021, with a release date tentatively scheduled for the fall of that year. This is subject to change, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. However, confirmed that development was on track as of December 2020, thus this deadline could be met.

Gary Levine, Showtime’s Co-President of Entertainment, was also quoted by Deadline, saying, “Only if we could discover a creative take on this unusual character that was truly deserving of the amazing, original series would we return to him.

Well, Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall have discovered it, and we can’t wait to shoot it and show it to the rest of the world.” From seasons 1 to 4, Phillips served as the showrunner, executive producer, and writer for the series. He worked as a consultant on several episodes of Season 5, but hasn’t been seen on the series since. While his comeback is significant, he isn’t the only one returning to the show.

Dexter Season 9 Cast

Dexter Season 9

Dexter’s primary cast members have moved on to other projects. Michael C. Hall, for example, had a brief role on The Crown and co-starred with Adam Driver in the 2019 film The Report. According to Deadline, Hall has stated on the record that if the opportunity arose, he would return to the part that made him famous, and this appears to be the case.

For the time being, Hall is the only key cast member who has been confirmed to return, but additional performers could easily appear in this revival.

We expect David Zayas to reprise his role as Angel Batista and C.S. Lee to reprise his role as Vince Masuka in the following season. Is Jennifer Carpenter set to reprise her role as Debra Morgan, who died at the end of Dexter season 8? Carpenter could return for the Dexter resurrection to depict her role in flashbacks, dreams, or memories, according to Clyde Phillips, the showrunner for the first four seasons of Dexter.

“There is some leeway to perform some film wizardry. That’s all I have to say about the subject “He told Us Weekly about it. Phillips hasn’t indicated whether she’ll return for certain because it’s a subject he “can’t answer” right now.

According to Screen Rant, John Cusack will reportedly lend some star power to the new season, making him the first new cast member confirmed since season 9 was announced. According to reports, Cusack will play a character named Kurt, who sounds like an intriguing potential victim for our titular anti-hero.

On November 17, 2020, The Hollywood Reporter revealed more interesting personnel news: legendary filmmaker Marcos Siega has officially signed on as an EP for the reboot.

Six of the planned episodes will be directed by him. Phillips has worked with Siega for a long time. Over the course of the initial eight-season run, he helmed nine well-received episodes of Dexter, so his arrival should help Phillips achieve his goal of making amends with viewers who felt personally betrayed by the season 8 conclusion.

After that, you’ll have to keep checking back to see what casting news emerges in the months ahead. Casting confirmations should arrive sooner rather than later, given that Showtime plans to begin production on Dexter season 9 in early 2021.

Dexter Season 9 Plot

There are no details on what Dexter season 9 will be about. However, given the open-ended nature of Season 8, the revival might go in a number of different paths.

Fans have taken to Reddit and other online communities to share their suggestions for how the narrative could be continued. Dexter Morgan’s associates thought he killed when we last saw him, but he made it to Oregon under a new guise. When a new serial killer emerges, it’s possible Dexter will be dragged out of his seclusion. His old friends will almost certainly learn that he is still alive and will set out to bring him to justice.

Dexter Season 9

“We’re going forward to an ending that will be, as Chekhov said, surprising but inevitable,” Phillips remarked to TV Insider, a weirdly reassuring statement given how little substance it actually gives. Phillips was only willing to divulge that the resurrection would pick up eight years after the previous conclusion and will feature Dexter “somewhere we’ve never seen him before” in terms of meaningful specifics.

The revival might even take inspiration from a real-life Dexter Morgan or Clyde Phillips’ original show ending. Phillips’ plan was for Dexter to be apprehended and condemned to death, at which time he would watch his life flash before his eyes as the killers he had apprehended in previous seasons (LaGuerta, Doakes, and the Trinity Killer) appeared to him as visions (via Digital Spy). Season 9 could easily lead up to this point, as Dexter hunts for yet another serial killer before facing justice for his crimes.

On February 25, Showtime released the first image of Michael C. Hall reprising his classic role, and while it’s cool, it doesn’t reveal much about the prospective plot, so there’s not much to go on there. More information will undoubtedly become available in the coming months, and for fans who can’t get enough of Dexter Morgan’s misdeeds, this development is quite welcome. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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