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Devil’s Line Season 2: Is It Happening? [Latest Updates]

Fantasy Fictional stories have always inspired the audience to look for more resources. The popularity of Fantasy stories has been growing over the years, especially in the anime world. It gives the audience a sense of escaping from reality and entering a chronicled world filled with massive things. Devils’ Line is one of the famous Japanese anime series that is inspired by popular manga. After the anime’s first season was delivered, it recovered heavy ratings on the online platform. 

Now, fans are wondering whether there will be another season of the anime series or not. When it comes to the renewal of the show, it is heavily dependent upon the performance of the series. In the anime world, things are a little messed up. 

Written and illustrated by Ryo Hanada, the manga was initially started to publish in 2013. It took 5 years for the story to reach its final destination. The series was adapted by Platinum Vision which was founded in 2016. The first season of devils’ Line was released in 2018. 

The story follows the world where humans and vampires both exist, while the vampires are commonly known as “devils”. The anime series features the story of a young college student who encounters a vampire one day and has a near-death experience with him. As the final episode of the series was introduced, fans discovered that there is something more to the story. In this article, we’ll be going to read everything about the anime series in detail. Continue reading the article to find out everything. 

Devils’ Line Season 2: Will there be Another Season?

Devil’s Line Season 2

Devils’ Line officially released its first season in 2018. After the series went through the releasing events, it was met with great reviews, The anime series received many positive feedbacks from the audience and even gained the trust of the critics. However, the series still failed to gain a huge fan-following format and worldwide audience. Even though, the anime series still has some loyal fans who are constantly checking on the updates for the show.

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Inspired by the popular manga series by Ryo Hanada which started being published in 2013, despite all the attempts the officials have not yet delivered any solid statement for the future of the show. When it comes to the show’s popularity, which is the most important factor to determine the show’s renewal status, the series have mixed views. 

Audiences have praised the series but it failed to gain the attention of wide-scale audiences. It is generally because of the low marketing of the show. Also, the series was adapted by Platinum Vision, which was founded only 2 years earlier. If the series was adapted from any other reputed studio, it might excel on it. 

The loyal fans of the show have made sure to give great ratings for the series and that’s why the show flourished on the online platform. It is definitely because the series is not even heard of by any anime lovers in the first place. 

On the other hand, the author is constantly working on the release and writing down the columns, there is still a  lot of source material that is left to be covered. If the studio wants to adapt the story, there is the overwhelming source material for them to cover. We are already waiting for the officials to release a statement for the show. 

Devils’ Line Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

Despite the series having an incredible theme and captivating visuals, the show failed to gain the interest of the audience. The author is already working hard for the release of the manga and constantly updating the fans regarding it. It’s been more than 4 years since the anime was last released on the screen. The story of the anime seems incomplete and this is triggering the audience. 

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For Platinum Studio, the anime series was still new. The studio has only released 5 anime so far and it would be a long run for the anime studio to be as prosperous as the other studios. Many people enjoyed the fantasy theme of the anime series but sadly, the show is still regarded as one of the most underrated shows for many people. 

And for most of the audience, the series still doesn’t exist. It is basically because of the low publicity for the anime series which turned down the show. There is still no hope for the show to get released this year or the upcoming year. The show is still not renewed by the studio. 

On the other hand, the authors are considerably working hard for the next volume. Fans have now shifted to the manga and are deliberately waiting for the story to move forward. It looks like there are no such plans for the anime to get released for now. Even if the show gets renewed, we are wondering if it would take more than 1 year to get the work done. 

Why is there no ‘Devil’s Line Season 2’?

Devil’s Line Season 2 Updates

The story centers around Tsukasa Taira, who faces a vampire one night and almost has a dying experience. He was fortunate enough to be saved by a detective named Yuuki Anzai. 

Later, Tsukasa found out that Anzai is actually a half-vampire and he is already hiding this from the public. As he works in a task force fighting devil-related crime, he has to save his identity. The story turned more romantic when he falls in love with Tsukasa and she asks him to never drink any human blood. 

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For every side, the series features a great storyline, even the story keeps the interest of the audience. The police-criminal theme story has always inspired the audience. The fascinating romance/police thriller has always been enjoyed by people but sadly not many people are aware of it. 

The main reason why there is no more season of the anime series is great because of the low viewership of the show. Despite having everything superior, the show failed to gain the interest of the audience. Even the unpopularity of the studio was one of the reasons for the show to not attract a huge audience.

Where is the official trailer to watch?

As of now, Officials have not yet released any official trailer for the Anime show.  While the fans are deliberately waiting for the Anime series to get confirmed,  there are still no updates on the renewal status.  We are constantly and on the regular updates of the show and keeping up with all the latest details.  if there will be any updates regarding the show,  so we will make sure to let you know. 

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