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Detective Chinatown 3: Everything We Know So Far About This Chinese Film?

Detective Chinatown 3 is a Chinese comedy mystery buddy movie which is directed and penned by Chen Sicheng. The movie has been starred with wang baoquiang and Liu Haoran. This movie is a sequel to Detective Chinatown 2 which was released in 2018.

This one is the third instalment in the Detective Chinatown series. The third movie was released on 12th February 2021. The movie has set numerous box office records which include the biggest opening weekend ever in a single territory.

Detective Chinatown 3

The movie has grossed over $699 million and became the highest grossing non American R-rated movie of all the time. This one is also the sixth highest grossing non English movie of all the time.

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What is the Plot of Detective Chinatown 3?

After some events in Bangkok and New York, Tang ren and Qin feng are being invited to Tokyo for investigation of some other crime which has occurred there. This leads to a battle between the strongest detectives in Asia.

The movie began with Tang and Qin on plane having junk food and Tang needs to use the bathroom. Later on he got escorted for meeting with the suspected murder of the Don who stated not guilty. After examination of the body, Tang found a needle prick in the body of victim and surprisingly it was not reported in the autopsy report.

Then Tang convinces judge that Anna had committed the murder by showing the murder weapon and also by examining CCTV footages. Anna was the daughter of suspected murderer and she left her and her mother in hard times.

Detective Chinatown 3

Driven by revenge of her mother’s sufferings and death, Anna planned to make her father suffer, by making him suspect of the murder she had committed. The film ends with all the detectives from the investigation app united against Q, who turned out to be a group of individuals with high IQ, planning to destroy the established systems of the world.

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What is the Cast of Detective Chinatown 3?

Following is the cast of Detective Chinatown 3, in this some familiar faces from movies have return and some new faces are also added.

What is the Official Synopsis of Detective Chinatown 3?

When a mob kingpin’s gold goes missing, bumbling detective Tang Ren is on the case in this comedy mystery. Set up for murder, with the kingpin out for blood, Tang, with the help of his visiting nephew, Qin Feng, is forced to clear his name and find the true killer.

It was a good movie. It’s a 2015 film but I watched it in 2020 btw. The film is great. I love everything in there, the songs, the quality, the story plot are totally well-made.

Detective Chinatown 3

As for Detective Chinatown 4, Yue said: “It will happen but we haven’t decided yet how big the scale will be”. He confirmed London as the next major foreign filming location for the franchise after previous instalments were set in Thailand, New York and Japan.

One of the most memorable elements of Chinatown is its soundtrack, which echoes the classic Noirs of the past. Composed by none other than Jerry Goldsmith, the movie’s haunting score is an integral part of the viewing experience that only adds more emotion to the most powerful scenes.

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