Is there truth to the speculation about Destiny and Melina’s divorce?



Through this exploration, I have delved into the most intriguing topic that is buzzing among various social media platforms which is about the divorce of both Destiny and Melina which is unexpected for their fans and audience. Let’s take a deep dive into this post without wasting much time and effort.

Who is Meline?

Melina Goransson is one of the talented and well-known Swedish internet sensation and Twitch broadcasters. She is only 25 years old and at this age, she went viral on various social media platforms as she was recognized as Steven “Destiny,” in a recent online drama.

She has almost 900k followers as she was just a newbie on the Twitch platform in 2019. The primary activity is streaming video materials including “Just Chatting” and “Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches”.

 Destiny and Melina's divorce

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However, the masses were too happy for their relationship in the view of fact that she was well known for being honest about her connection with Destiny. However, their wedding going to take place in 2021 and they both are unaware about it.

Have Destiny and Melina Officially Split Up?

The publicly dating pair, Steven “Destiny” and Melina Goransson, are under scrutiny following Discord conversations suggesting a potential breakup. Allegedly, Melina encountered someone intimidating who urged her to separate from Destiny. Before proceeding further, check Did Ninja and His Wife Divorce? Check Out Now!

The messages hint at Melina entering a relationship with this individual. Speculation suggests Melina protected this person, leading to the deterioration of their connection and a possible decision to end the relationship.

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The predominant reason behind their separation is that their relationship is so much speculated by masses around the corners of the world that they want everything in detail. However, Claimed communication is indeed a problem in every relationship but in their case, the reason still needs to be figured out as they do not reveal anything regaridng this in the limelight.

 Destiny and Melina's divorce

What is the Journey of Melina and Destiny’s Relationship?

Destiny Tied a knot with Melina Goransson at the age of 34. Melina was born in Sweden. They both first came into the friendship and later on, they both started appearing together on various podcast episodes and streams.

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Turning to more such details regarding their relationship journey, from the previous year one of their Lex Fridman Podcasts, they both explain their great heights and strength of mutual understanding as well as connection.

Destiny explains “We have, like, long-term friends, and some of them we hook up with.” She went on to say that “it’s a delicate dance that explodes every six months on itself.” Do not miss out, Jen Hatmaker Divorce! Does She No Longer Attend Church Services?


To sum up, each and everything that I have experienced so far while writing this article for you so far that, It is an irrefutable fact that Destiny and Melina are sweet couples who are not together now, and their reason for separation is still in mystery in all social media platforms.

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