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Destiny 2: Xur Location For Today, Where And How To Find?


David Mudd

Incessant player of Destiny 2? Then you will know the importance of Xur and the exotic weapons he sells because those goods are very important for developing your strength. But at times he will be really hard to find. But we can help you find him.

What Is Destiny 2?

Bungie developed the online video game Destiny 2 and Steam rated the game 9 out of 10. Here you will be the guardian protecting the last safe city of Earth from cruel aliens. Guardians will wield the power which is the light to fight the aliens.

There are many characters in Destiny 2 like Ada – 1 who is the guardian of the secret weapon factory called the Black Armory, Arach Jalaal who sells weapons and emblems which you can use in The Crucible mode which is a player to a player mode in Destiny 2 and Destiny. One such character is Xur.

Who Is Xur?

The agent of Nine, Xur sells exceptionally rare and exotic items. Xur sells Weapons, Armours in exchange for Strange coins. Some of the items sold by Xur are Legacy Armor Engram, Exotic Armor Engram and many more.

Xur comes from the Jovians. Jovians is a place beyond The reef. Guardians didn’t explore the Reef completely. Because of this reason arrival and departure of Xur cannot be predicted.

Location Of Xur

In Destiny, Xur will be in one of the 6 places of the Tower or the Vestion Outpost. The tower is present in the last city where guardians rest in between their missions. The Vestion Outpost is in the Reef.

Destiny 2

But in Destiny 2, Xur keeps changing his location every week. Xur can be in any one of these locations: Imperial Barge on Nessus, the Hanger in New Tower, Io and Titan. Nessus is an irregular orbited planet closer to the sun than Uranus. (Jupiter 1) Io is a major moon of Jupiter. As we all know, Titan is the largest moon of Saturn.

Xur appears at a new location on Friday and he will be there till Tuesday and again he will appear at another location next Friday. This week Xur is in the tower. Go to the north in the hangar area of the tower. Go till the end then you can find him.


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