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Destiny 2: Xur Location For Today, How To Find?

If you are a gaming buff and cannot wait to know Destiny 2 Xur’s location, then you have got it right here. In our article, we will inform you all about the Xur location for today and how you can easily trace it.

What Is Xur?

Xur is a prominent trader in the Destiny game, who sells exotic weapons and protective layer. Every week, he goes to the nearby group with a record of merchandise, including an unusual threat and one bit of Exotic defensive layer for each character class.

He ferries Fated Engrams, which ensure players an absorbing drop they do not as of now has from the jumble of exotics from before the arrival of Shadowkeep.

How To Locate Xur Today?

Well, even if you know it, we will still tell you. In Destiny, Xur will be in the Tower or the Vestion Outpost is one of the six places. The tower is present in the last city between their missions where the guardians rest. Outpost Version is in the Reef.

Xur emerges on Friday on a specific location and will be there towards Tuesday and he will show up again next Friday at a different location. Xur’s in the front throughout this week. Go north in the tower’s hangar location. Then you will find him until the end.

List Of Inventory 

Here are a list weapons Xur possesses-

  1. Mask of the Quiet One (Exotic Titan helmet)
  2. Crown of Tempests (Exotic Warlock helmet)
  3. The Colony (Exotic grenade launcher)
  4. Raiden Flux (Exotic Hunter chest armour)

It’s terrific that you have all of the above-listed items. In case you don’t have them you need to push up your game levels or wait for some odd drop. Also, make sure that you can only have one weapon per week, so choose accordingly.

Destiny 2

Be sure that you only invest in that weapon when you are against the character who’s missing the Exotic.

Be happy because Xur has got fascinating weapons this week. So, make your best deal. The Colony (Exotic grenade launcher) is one of the most liked and most preferred weapons amongst all.



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