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Destiny 2: Why The Whisper Of Worm Missions Became Easier To Complete


David Mudd

The Whisper and Zero Hour. These are the two secret missions in Destiny 2. Typically these two missions are pretty hard to complete alone. Because both of them have tricky jumping puzzles and they give an alluring and exotic weapon after completion. Simply put, Two of them got bugged in the latest Destiny 2.

Usually, the enemies in these missions are implied to act as a blockade in the player’s game progress. But since the new season went live in the earlier week, it found as too easy to complete the mission. Now it seems that the Guardians making massive damage to those enemies.

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This Is The Time To Win It Easly (Destiny 2)

Few perfect shots with a Machine Gun and SMG will defeat enemies. This allows the player to focus on the core challenge in those missions. This large amount of bug is active in Zero Hour, The Whisper and Zero Hour (Heroic). However, The Whisper ( Heroic) does not have this bug. In all missions, the player can bring a friend with them. But in the current situation is best to play solo.

There is no information available about fixing this problem from Bungie, the developers of Destiny 2. After all, if anyone is looking forward to playing Outbreak Perfected or Whisper of the Worm. This is the golden opportunity for them.

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Now, The Time To Achieve Those Weapons

By completing missions, players can earn Whisper of the Worm Sniper rifle or Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle. In the début of these missions, they were some of the toughest missions in the game. But the bug or the developers themselves made those exact missions very easy now. Players are no more have pressure to be in a fireteam to complete these missions.

Enemies in these missions are extremely weak compared to the player now. One-shot will make both Major yellow-bar and red-bar enemies go down easily.

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