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Destiny 2: Where Is Xûr And What Is He Selling Today?


David Mudd

The players of Destiny 2 knows who is Xur. Xur is a special vendor sells exotic weapons and armor. He appears with the goods on every Friday. The goods he comes with include exotic weapons and an exotic armor for each class of characters. However, it was not sure about where you will find him.

He comes to the solar system with Fated Engrams. It guarantees exotic drops for the players which they already don’t have. he comes each Friday at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET. Xur’s location was marked in Destiny 2 back in the days. Now it’s not and he is hard to find.

Destiny 2

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Where Players Find  Xur Found Him From April 3 to 7 (Destiny 2)

Players found Xur at Giant Scar on lo. They ride their sparrow straight through the building and he was all ready to sell goods there. The things he sold to players include Hard Light, Contraverse Hold, Orpheus Rig, Stronghold, Isochronal Engram, and Five of Swords.

Hard Light

A must-have weapon for rifle fans with three distinct features. Ricochet off surfaces, no fall off damage and bullet which over-penetrate targets.

Contraverse Hold

An armor that built around the player’s void grenade. It resists the damage while charging grenade with Chaos Accelerant.

Orpheus Rig (Destiny 2)

Players will get more energy for every enemy tethered by Deadfall anchors. Your Moebius Quiver gets more shots because of this.



Specifically built for sword users. These arms will grant you bonuses whenever you block with swords. Your movement speed also increases while blocking along with stop draining sword ammo.

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