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Destiny 2: What Content From The Original Destiny Didn’t Make It Over To This Game And Why?


David Mudd

Destiny 2, as the name suggests, is the sequel to Bungie’s hugely popular looter-shooter, Destiny. However, there are a lot of fundamental differences between the two games. As a result, there are many things that players had gotten used to in Destiny 1 that simply aren’t in it yet.

Loot Drop System

The biggest feature that’s not in this is the control that 1 players had over their loot drops. During Destiny 1’s third year, Bungie allowed players to choose whether they get armors or weapons in the vendor’s loot drops.

This allowed players to carefully choose how their character leveled up and improved. The economy originally relied on reputation token, too. However, Bungie has now reverted it back to relying on destination materials.

This is similar to the way things worked in part 1. So, players having the ability to pick the type of loot they get could make sense.

Destiny 2

No Factions In Destiny 2 Now

Another aspect of part 1 that’s now missing from part 2 is the Factions system. In part 1, you’d align yourself with a faction to get faction-exclusive loot. This allowed players to get some unique items and differentiate their character from others.

In part 2, the faction system changed significantly. They still made an appearance through the Faction Rally events, but they were quite restrictive. Players thought the progression in the Faction Rallys was too tough. On top of that, they felt forced to participate in the Rallys, instead naturally linking it into their regular gameplay.

However, it’s unlikely that even the Faction Rallies will make a return. Many of the rewards that players used to get from Faction Rallies during Year 1 are now in part 2’s world drops loot pool. So, they don’t really have to grind for these items separately.

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Some Popular Exotics Missing


On top of all this, there are many exotic items that were popular in Destiny 1 that simply aren’t in Destiny 2. In some cases, this is because some of the perks of these exotic weapons are now present with new, different items.

For example, the exotic fusion rifle Plan C had a hugely popular perk which greatly reduced the charge and equip times for newly selected weapons. However, this same perk is now available on all Legendary fusion rifles. The same applies to exotic armour as well.

While old favorites, like the PvP mode Trials Of Osiris, are back, it’s unlikely that more elements from Destiny 1 will come back to Destiny 2. The sequel is simply a different game as a whole.

Destiny 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC.