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Destiny 2: Season Of Worthy – Big Weapons, Quests And More Are Coming


David Mudd

If the news coming out from the words of data miners. Destiny 2: Season of Worthy will become an actual gift for the players. Some recently uncovered files from the games recent updates show some glimpses to a vast improvement to the game. The mined updates include new and classic weapons, secret quests and plot twists.

Gamers are waiting for an update with all these things. If it happens, this will be the best time for that. Because many of the gamers are struggling to make fun in the recent content-lite season. The season of worthy brought back villain and Rasputin. Besides, the introduced activities include loots and activities in Seraph towers.


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What Happened With Them Latest Destiny 2 Season Of Worthy?

The newly updated features of the season became a disappointment among players. Many kinds of features and characters were added to the game. They brought back Rasputin and rebooted the game with Trails of Osiris. However, none of them did anything to the game to become more alive and enjoyable. The development is on road for Season Of Worthy. Moreover, Bungie will give more attention to adding more features and making them alive and active.

Dataminers also found some weapons and utilities from the original Destiny 1 game. That is expected to be in Season of worthy. Besides, A new machine gun called Heir Apparent also found in the files. Destiny is one of the games which have a history in the industry. So, some ups and downs are not an indicator to show it worthless.


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