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Destiny 2 might bring back special weapons for trials flawless rewards


David Mudd

The Bungie is already in plans to revamp the Trials of Osiris after got mixed reviews from the gamers. The new “This Week At Bungie” gave some glimpse of the upcoming changes that may happen in Destiny 2. After all, Trial of Osiris returned into the game with much expectations but couldn’t keep the promise.

Now, Bungie gave some hints about the return of an old fan-favorite feature. It will reward the players for completing an old challenge. Old means a challenge from back in the original Destiny. The decision to make the game more advanced was after considering the feedback about Trials of Osiris.


What to Expect in New Update

It is already clear that Bungie looking forward to making the future seasons of Destiny 2 more interesting. Because they need to make the PVP competitive game more enjoyable to the players. Besides, they pointed out some of the main issues reported by the players in the Trial of Osiris. It is made clear that players will get flawless rewards in the upcoming seasons.

Bungie revealed some details about specific gears such as a space for an Adept Mod. It refers to the Adept weapons from the original Destiny. After all, the game creators are anticipating that by this feature, Destiny 2’s Trails will become popular like in the original’s trial.

More features include token milestone rewards for winning more than three games. The first milestone will unlock at 3 wins, second at 5 wins, and the third milestone at 7 wins. This gives Bungie hope about players stopping resetting after 3 wins and continuing for more rewards. Destiny 2 is available in PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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