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Destiny 2: Leak shows Interesting Details About Next Expansion, Sub classes, Enemies


David Mudd

All the game lovers and players go crazy behind Destiny 2 since its first release in 2014. The Destiny players showing keen interest in the gaming level of Darkness ships entered in the solar system. The new leaks on the creation of game made the fans to expect more

The New Leak Details Of Destiny 2:

The new leak of the game, before its official declare gathers huge responses in all game lovers. On Sunday, at Chan the new leak of the game made its way to gather more expectations in fans. The leak shows some pictures of the gaming in Destiny 2.

As per the info, mostly Bungie is doing most of the gaming these days independently. So, the new leak of Pyramids will be some doubtful. The content was originally part of Destiny 3.

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So, as per the content, the new expansion will deal with the Pyramid Ships. This will mainly feature with arriving and setting the Darkness. The main big villain with a pyramid Statue named Winnower. This new expansion will add the villain as the main attraction who is appearing like a ghostly and veiled woman similar to what was shown inside the Shadowkeep’s Pyramid Ship.

Two new destinations are being added with one being Europa, another of Jupiter’s moons, as well as a massive city inside the Darkness ship called Finality. This is originally a part of Destiny 2 in vanilla concept art, this is ultimately going to end by Winnower.

Coming To Game Plot And Subclasses:

The major roles of the game come with Emperor Calus, Eris Morn, and Mara Sov. Here, each class will gain a subclass in Darkness with all their abilities and strengths. While pointing to the new villain, the Veil will be the new Villain that players will face this time.

The game shows up with describing the ghostly looking and have the newest units out of all enemy factions. The expansion will have a new raid that takes players into the Winnower’s Domain, will be adding new strikes, and the leak also indicates that Bungie will be revealing it sometime in June, a date that aligns with last year’s reveal of Shadowkeep.


Finally, the leak may seem to be very close to  ‎Destiny 2  but the real news will become into action when Bungie its self announced officially. The leaker came up with all featuring content which shows the leak as the real one.