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Destiny 2: Here’s How To Unlock The Warmind Khanjali Artifact In Season 10

People can’t keep calm as Destiny 2- Season of the Worthy is here. The new quest unlocks new features and all the more reasons to play it.

You can now unlock many artifacts including the War-mind Khanjali Artifact. The War-mind Khanjali artifact is the new seasonal artifact that is released for the worthy. This will allow you to enter the world of unlimited power.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 War-mind Khanjali Artifact

Rasputin will give you this artifact and getting it is harder than in the previous seasons. As opposed to Season of Undying, and Season of Dawn, this season brings a new twist to get this right.

You have to first get to the tower and talk to Commander Zavala who will further give you details and set you on the ‘Rising the Defenses’ Mission.

Here, you will learn about the Almighty and will move towards the Last City. When there, you should also have a word with Saint 14 regarding a separate quest. That quest unlocks the Trials of Osiris. But you should mainly focus on getting to Mars and talking to Ana Bray.

Destiny 2

Rising the Defenses In Destiny 2

Once that you’ve landed on Mars, you’re closer to your destiny. From here, you will talk to Ana Bray and she will give you some tasks. Accordingly, you have to collect the required items that include 20 orbs of light. Simultaneously, you’re also required to generate 80 orbs of light to complete the mission.

To get this mission done, you should head towards the Lost Sector or you can alternatively, fire up the escalation protocol. This can be done in a couple of minutes by using your favorite Master worked Weapons and Supers. Once that you’re done with this, you can talk to Ana and move ahead.

Into The Mind lab Of Destiny 2

You can now follow the quest marker because the time to meet Rasputin has come. When in front of his chamber, you can meet with his controlled soldiers.

Then you should head inside the chamber of Rasputin and interact with the console. This is officially the end of the walkway and you can get the War-mind Khanjali artifact from here. From here, the quest is yours to continue.


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