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Destiny 2: Glitch Reveals Changes Coming At Season’s End


David Mudd

Destiny 2: Season of Worthy came with a much simple narrative. It became more PvP focused on the latest game after adding the Trials of Osiris is. The story in which Almighty tied to Seraph Tower will come to an end by this season which is in June.  The Almighty is Ghaul’s spacecraft on a crash course. And the Guardians needs the help of Rasputin, the Warmind to stop it.

Some newly posted pictures by SergeantGamerr show a small glimpse of the things to happen at the end of the season. Besides, if it succeeds in destroying the city. The shared photos show some big damage to the Tower. It is, of course, happened by the Almighty’s destructive landing to the planet.


The Damage Is Not Regular Yet (Destiny)

This damage is not visible for most of the players. This particular user found it when he fast traveled in the Tower. The damage made all the Guardian Game content disappear and replaced them with the destruction. However, it is still not believable about the ability of The Almighty to destroy the Last City. If it is possible, there would be much more damage than this in the Tower.

But the hints from the photos saying us that, The Almighty can make much more damage to the Last City than the player can think of. After all, there is another chance that it may be the damage caused by the fall of any parts of The Almighty when it destroyed by Rasputin. All these incidents are likely to happen near the end of the season. Even though the glitch is not providing many stories. But it definitely gives us some directions to the things likely to happen.

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