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Destiny 2: Datamine Hints At Return On SIVA, Last Seen In Rise Of Iron Expansion


New Destiny 2 content keeps on coming. Fans seem to be quite delighted with Season Of The Worthy. Destiny 2’s gameplay loop is entirely designed around loot and Season Of The Worthy has delivered in spades so far. Its seasonal armour, exotic weapons, brand new story missions and all of the other content has delighted fans quite a bit.

Bringing Back Old Favourites

One of the things that fans liked the most was Bungie’s decision to bring back Trials Of Osiris. This was the PvP mode in the original Destiny and was one of the most well-liked aspects of the game. Destiny 2 had a PvP mode of its own, with Trials Of The Nine. The return of Trials Of Osiris surely must’ve put some smiles on the faces of long-term Destiny players, though.

Well, it seems like another familiar element might be making a comeback. Twitter user GinsorKR, who often posts about Destiny content, found something quite interesting while datamining the game’s files. He posted the names of numerous files, such as “o_felwinter_coffin”, “o_felwinter_resurrect”, “o_felwinter_siva” and “o_felwinter_fight”.

Felwinter And SIVA

Reading the words “Felwinter” and “SIVA” will have set off a light bulb in the brains of veteran Destiny players. Felwinter is, of course, one of the Iron Lords who was alive during the Golden Age in the game’s lore. He also had a reputation for being particularly merciless towards his enemies.

SIVA, on the other hand, is a swarm of nano-tech machines. It once gave the Fallen immense power. The Destiny player defeats them in a previous story event and helps contain the SIVA. However, the game strongly hinted that the player didn’t succeed in quarantining this malevolent technology completely.

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New Bossfight Destiny 2?

Now, with words like “coffin” and “resurrect”, we can venture a guess and say that the SIVA will be responsible for raising Felwinter from the dead. It’s also likely that he won’t exactly be a friendly presence when this happens. The “o_felwinter_fight” indicates that he may be a boss fight.

As far as when or how this story will pan out, we do not know. Season Of The Worthy itself doesn’t end until June, so this could be a surprise addition. However, a storyline that deals with something like a SIVA outbreak has some great potential. Too great for Bungie to wrap it up in one mission. Some players think it may be part of the next season’s story, even. Whatever the case may be, all we can do for now is wait.

Destiny 2 is available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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