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Destiny 2: Cutscene Confirms An Upcoming Major Event


David Mudd

If you are in the hitch with ‎Destiny 2, then the cutscene makes the excitement more. The series is about to hover with lots of new twists and mind-blowing scenery. The series will focus on Darkness for sure, and showcase them as a main theme on the season.

Cutscene Reveals More: Destiny 2

What’s in CUTSCENE? the cutscene plots on the zoom version of the “Jupiter” planet, if you see it carefully then you may observe the Pyramid Shaped Silhouette, viewing in the Jupiter shadow. The video is out with zooming more until you can observe the Pyramid. Yeah, this is what data miner Ginsor, who uncovered a new cutscene inside the files for today’s new 2.8.1 update.

Destiny 2

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The most recent leaks on the game, set fire on in players, and fans. Season keen on the Darkness and pyramids had entered Pluto’s orbit. As of the plot, there is no much time needed to reach Earth. As of now, the sets are rolls up on Jupiter already.

There is the end for humanity, with the entry of Darkness. Darkness subclasses, including Expedition inside the pyramid moon, will have a major role in the game. We have another raising question of the Almighty, the colossal sun-destroying vessel which is up to the destruction of Earth. Many more twists are merged in the new season, and with the activities like the Corridors of Time and Trials of Osiris, it will make Destiny 2 will pronounce well. Destiny 2 is streaming on  PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

Destiny 2

As, of the leaks, the expectations over the game are raised more than usual imagination. You can have the video of the cutscene on Youtube itself, and many more platforms if wanna see the pyramid in the visual picture. Out of curiosity, you will understand what the cutscene is about after you have look at the video.