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Derek Hough’s Girlfriend Hayley Erbert?

If you’ve been wondering if Derek Hough is single and available to recreate moments from Dirty Dancing Havana Nights (which, believe it or not, is superior to the original) with you, the answer is, unfortunately, no.

He most certainly isn’t, to put it mildly. It turns out that Derek has been in a committed relationship for almost as long as he has been a lurker on Dancing with the Stars, which is to say, almost as long as he has been alive.

Derek Hough’s Girlfriend

So, who is Derek’s other half, and how did they meet? The person in question would be Hayley Erbert, and the moment has come for us to harness our inner FBI investigators and learn everything there is to know about her and their romantic relationship. Examples: they danced their way into each other’s hearts, kept things “hidden” for years, and now everyone is captivated with the fact that they are getting engaged. So, there’s a lot of territory to cover, so buckle up and pay attention.


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On the set of DANCING WITH THE STARS, DEREK and HAYLEY began dating.

With the high amount of couples that have formed on the set of DWTS, it’s no surprise that Derek and Hayley ended up together. These two started dating while Derek was still a professional dancer and Hayley was still in the troupe (although they met before the show, which we’ll get to shortly). You may see what the dictionary means when it says “chemistry” by watching the video below:


Hayley tested out for So You Think You Can Dance after training as a gymnast and competing in beauty pageants. After joining the SYTYCD tour in 2013, she was hired by Derek and Julianne to accompany them on tour in 2014, at which point a DWTS producer contacted her.

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“They got my contact information from Derek and Julianne, called me and set up an interview,” Hayley told told CJ Online, via Heavy. “I interviewed right after I got off tour and found out a couple of weeks later that I was on Season 21. That was really exciting for me, not being a trained ballroom dancer, it was really exciting.”

Initially, they hid their relationship.

Which is, um, amusing. As if DWTS viewers weren’t aware of the situation. While these two began dating in 2015, it was only in the last few years that they began to open up about their relationship with their followers. Derek stated to Entertainment Tonight why they decided to go public, and it turns out that they were simply overwhelmed by the entire secrecy thing:

“It’s just tiring. It was liberating, honestly, just being like, ‘Hey, this is our relationship. This is cool. This is what it is and it’s great.’ I think I just kind of got almost conditioned to feel or believe that I have to hide everything. When in reality I was just like, ‘You know what? There’s a freedom to just being open about it.'”


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They’ve become inseparable and perform as a unit all the time.

Season 30 of Dancing with the Stars has a “tango of the dead.”

This routine has me really considering changing my job and becoming a professional dancer as a result of seeing it performed.



Due to the fact that Derek and Hayley have been dating for years, they can’t go more than five minutes without someone politely inquiring as to when they plan to be engaged or married. Derek, on the other hand, previously told E! News that “it’s not something we really talk about too much right now.”

Despite this, it comes up on a regular basis, ahem: “


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YOU CAN’T count on them to become involved in DWTS.

The notion of a public proposal was ruled out by Derek during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, despite a recurring fan belief that he will drop down on one knee and pop the question at some time in the future “I’m just going to be honest with you: that isn’t going to happen. For the simple reason that it isn’t my style, I don’t believe, you understand?”


Derek Hough’s Girlfriend

Derek confirmed the adorable news to Us Weekly, saying, “She will be joining me on stage, and I am beyond excited.” Our kitchen has been the stage for us to entertain folks throughout the past year, and we’ve been dancing in the house during the Disney Singalongs. It’s fantastic to be able to host events where people can come watch us dance. We’ve been begging for them to come to our house, but now they can see us perform live on stage,” says the author.

If you’re in Vegas, you should definitely pay Derek and Hayley a visit; they’re both adorable and impressive, to say the least.

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