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Demon Slayer New Season: What is the Potential Release Date, Cast and Plotline of This Upcoming Anime?


Aditi Deshinge

Hurray! Anime fans get ready for more action now because Demon Slayer New season is on its way. Here we are going to tell you everything that we know so far about the Demon Slayer Season 3 which is the new season of this anime.

In this post we will tell you the potential release date, cast and plotline of the Demon slayer new season. So stay connected with us for more and read out this entire article.

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What is the Demon Slayer New Season Release Date?

Since 2019, this anime has captured the hearts of the all anime lovers which is basically based on the Koyoharu Gotouge’s best selling manga with the same name as Demon Slayer.

By watching the story of the Demon Slayer Corp member Tanjiro Kamado and his demon sister Nezuko over this manga series for past two years we have laughed, cried and got emotional so fans are already wanting more from this anime.

Demon slayer is fully packed with drama like from epic battles to heart wrenching anime character backstories. Every new combinations in this manga is dangerous and spicy than the last, as we have seen humans and demons fight to the death.

Demon Slayer New Season

Therefore it is not necessary to say, how Tv lovers are eagerly waiting to see what adrenaline including events will be thrown at Tanjiro next.

Fortunately, Demon Slayer New season has been already confirmed. Yes you heard me right, it is time to unleash your blades and get ready to watch the gang decapitate a fresh group of monsters.

Despite of all this excitement, you may be wondering what exactly is going to happen in the Demon Slayer Corps in the future? Like Tanjiro. The trending buzz news has sniffed out all the truths you need to know about the Demon Slayer new season release date, cast, trailer, plot and everything we know so far about this amazing anime.

What Are the Speculations for Demon Slayer New Season Release Date?

As of December, 2022, we don’t know the confirmed release date of Demon Slayer New season but it is definitely on its way. By watching at the anime studio Ufotable’s typical filming patterns, we can start to make some pretty solid guesses on when we can next see Tanjiro and his gang.

Ufotable has always been quite consistent when it comes Demon Slayer New season releases. The first season of Demon Slayer was released in 2019 and then the first arc of Demon Slayer season 2 has been released in October month of 2021 and its final arc finished in February 2022.

By considering this all, it is safe to say that fans can expect a 12 month gap before release of Demon Slayer New season.

Since the official Demon Slayer social media account has already started to post a stream of promotional material for the Demon Slayer New season of the anime, we are hoping and being optimistic that our speculations will be true to it and so Demon Slayer New season will drop sometimes in early 2023.

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Is There Availability of Trailer of Demon Slayer New Season?

We have amazing news that there is a trailer for Demon Slayer New season! On April 2022, Crunchyroll released a teaser to promote the show’s next arc which is Swordsmith Village.

Moreover, the first half of the trailer is pretty much a recap of Demon Slayer season 2 and the video gives us a hint as to which Hashiras mostly will be the next chapter is about.

Check out the trailer of Demon Slayer New season in given below video and we hope that you will enjoy it.

What Will Be the Plot of Demon Slayer New Season?

As we told you above, thanks to the teaser from Crunchyroll, we know that the plot of the Demon Slayer New season is going to cover the Swordsmith Village arc. In terms of TV shows’s source material which means that chapters 100- 127 of Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga is going to cover in the next outing of anime.

In the manga of Demon Slayer, the Swordsmith Village arc takes place directly after the events of Entertainment District arc which was covered back in Demon Slayer season 2.

The last season of Demon Slayer ended with Tanjiro and Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui creating history as they beheaded two upper six members of the 12 Kizuki who are the demonic siblings Gyutaro and Daki.

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What Will Be the Cast of Demon Slayer New Season?

It seems that all of our anime’s regulars will be coming back in action for Demon Slayer new season. Although the net chapter is still far off in the future, we can can pretty much count on Natsuki Hanae returning to voice Tanjiro along with Akari Kito who is reprising the role of Nezuko.

Demon Slayer New Season

Other lead members are also set return are Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Inosuke Hashibira and many other which you can check further.

Check out the list of Demon Slayer new season cast below –

  • Natsuki Hanae as Tanjiro Kamado
  • Akari Kitô as Nezuko Kamado
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Inosuke Hashibira
  • Hiro Shimono as Zenitsu Agatsuma
  • Toshihiko Seki as Muzan Kibutsuji
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Kagaya Ubuyashiki
  • Kana Hanazawa as Mitsuri Kanroji
  • Kengo Kawanishi as Muichiro Tokito
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Giyu Tomioka
  • Ai Kayano as Kanae Kocho
  • Reina Ueda as Tsuguko Kanao Tsuyuri
  • Daisuke Namikawa as Hotaru Haganezuka

Also it is possible that, new demons may be introduced in the anime as well as new heroes. So keep in mind that, the above list may still grow. We will surely keep you posted as more casting news for Demon Slayer new season will come in.

Where to Watch Demon Slayer New Season?

Well, the first and second seasons of the anime are both available to watch in the same place so we are hoping that once it drops, Demon Slayer new season is also available to watch on Crunchyroll.