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Demon Lord Retry Season 2: Cast, Release Date, Review and What We Know So Far?

There were plenty of speculations which are surrounding the Demon Lord Retry season 2. This is Japanese anime show and was debuted in 2019. This show is originally based on a light novel and its authoris Kurone Kanazaki.

This show is extensively popular in Japan and primarily named as Demon Lord after this it was renamed as Maou-Sama Retry.

After the premiere of show, it was distributed by Funimation on the networks of many worlds like Tokyo MX. The show became very famous outside the Japan as well. The plotline of the show is very good. Due to such high popularity fans are eagerly waiting and demanding for its second season.

demon lord retry season 2

In this article we have shared some researched and gathered information regarding Demon Lord Retry Season 2. So without any destruction we should start the article.

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What is the Release Date of Demon Lord Retry Season 2?

Though, fans are uncertain about the renewal of Demon Lord Retry, there are some speculations that the show is already renewed and the things are in motion to start the production.

But all these are just speculations because neither Ekachi Epilka nor any other developers of the production crew has confirmed this news.

One of the most important reasons why should fans remain hopeful for the second season is that the first season has finished with the tag “To BE CONTINUED”. This is of course a sign of show renewal. So guys there are some more stories on its way with the renewal of Demon Lord Retry Season 2.

Also whoever enjoyed the first season of this exciting anime must need to keep some patience. Once we get the official date of release we will definitely updated in this section of our article. There is a still hope as many speculations are claiming for the renewal of the show.

Demon Lord Retry Season 2 will premiere somewhere in late 2022.

What Will Be the Plot of Demon Lord Retry Season 2?

The main focus of the storyline is revolves around Oono Akira who is an ordinary person and works in an online gaming company. He loves playing the role of Dark Lord and he has been operating an MMORPG for around 15 years.

One he decides to shut it down and at that time he gets transported to the world of gaming. Here he finds himself in the body of the mighty Dark Lord. He also meets an injured girl whose name is Aku. She was pursued by the demon. And they both embark on a same journey soon.

Although he did destroy the demon that was pursuing Aku, the thing that bothered him the most was the fact that he did not create Aku or the demon.

demon lord retry season 2

In their adventures, they meet nations and saints that are trying to destroy the Dark Lord, and whenever he goes with his companion, they get into trouble. It is a thrilling story that captured the hearts of numerous fans, and it is no wonder that so many cannot wait for the upcoming season’s release.

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What Are the Predictions About Demon Lord Retry Season 2?

Show’s first season had left so many cliffhangers and left fans wondering if it is really ended. The lack of war and culmination of the story with the enemies left us thinking that the best that the show can offer is yet to come.

The thing that baffles most fans is that a lot of time has passed, and there is still no news about the continuation. We remain hopeful since light novel promises that there is still plenty of stories to be told.

Is There Any Source Material to Continue This Anime Show?

The show has picked up the plotline from the light novel series which is its source material. This version ended with the third volume, whereas Futabasha’s reprinted version is still in the run and has been serialized for five volumes as of February 2020.

The anime adaptation covered the storyline of the first two reprinted light novels, so it is safe to say that the studio has more than enough source material left to add into Demon Lord Retry season two.

Continuing light novel is always great news for anime fans since that almost certainly leads to sequels. The last volume was released on November 29, 2021, by J-Novel Club in English. If we follow this theory, there is enough material to cover at least two more seasons.

What Will Be the Cast of Demon Lord Retry Season 2?

This anime is made up of full of compelling and interesting characters and in fact it is voice acted exceptionally great. We can surely assume that most of the previous voice actors will return for the second season as well.

Of course, the show will come up along with some new faces as well. Check the list of characters that will most probably make a return for Demon Lord Retry season 2.

  • Aku – Takao Kanon (Japanese), Hoover Natalie (English)
  • Elegant Luna – Ishihara Kaori (Japanese), Kristen McGuire (English)
  • Kunai Hakuto – Tsuda Kenjriou (Japanese), Grelle Josh (English)
  • Queen Killer – Tomatsu Haruka (Japanese), Caitlin Glass (English)
  • Kirino Yuu – Satour Rina (Japanese), Katelyn Barr (English)
  • Kirisame Zero – Morikubo Shoutarou (Japanese)
  • Tron – Kinoshita Suzuna (Japanese), Wiedenheft Sarah (English)
  • Utopia – Koyasu Takehito (Japanese), Ben Philips (English)
  • White Angel – Toyosaki Aki (Japanese), Shipman Megan (English)
  • Yukikaze – Tokui Sora (Japanese), Yu Apphia (English)

Other Characters –

Along with the tag of “TO BE CONTINUED” At the end screen there are plenty of factors and good signs for the return of the show. First season has given us what we can expect from this anime in near future.

It is a binge watch show and surely deserves revisiting especially when it seems like sequel is on its way.

demon lord retry season 2

The thing which is notable is that, Studio Ekachi Epilka has made only single other series till this day. And Demon Lord Retry is their firs normal length anime show.

The studio did not take any new projects this year so as Demon Lord Retry season 2 was already planned; it is possible that they will add it to their current schedule of 2022.

So guys be hopeful for the second season of Demon Lord Retry because their high level of chances of its renewal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Demon Lord Retry Ended?

Amaru Minotake continued the manga re-vamped under the title Demon Lord, Retry! R in 2020, with the first volume published in July. As of July 2022, another five volumes have been published. J-Novel Club is continuing to license the manga for English translation.


As there is no announcement of Demon Lord Retry season 2 by the developersof the show so its so early to expect the trailer of the show. but till then you can enjoy the trailer of first season so that you can get an idea regarding the show and able to decide whether to watch the show or not.


From the release of first season of Demon Lord Retry, fans are eagerly waiting for the continuation of the anime and finally they can be able to see the ending. But unfortunately, COVID -19 pandemic and other factors made obstacle for it.

But later on, there are high speculations regarding the renewal of this anime. We will surely update you with the all news regarding Demon Lord Retry Season 2 as soon as we get from official sources. So stay connected with us.


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