Demon King Daimao Sequel? Finally Confirmed? Details



Demon King Daimao is a 2010’s Japanese anime series which has been released its first season 11 years back. The anime series has been based on a manga series just like every other Japanese anime drama. After the end of the first season of Demon King Daimao, the need to have a second season started to rise among anime lovers. 

While there are enough resources and content for the other seasons, will it happen? In this article, We will be looking at the unpopular anime series Demon King Daimao and its upcoming season 2 in detail. 

If you are someone who wants to have a piece of complete knowledge and wants to know about this anime then this article is waiting for you. Read all the sections carefully and know everything about it. 

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What is Demon King Daimao?

Demon king daimao updates

Demon King Daimaois a Japanese animated series that was first announced to release in April 2010 and ended the episodes of the first season in June 2010. The Action-drama series is based on the light novel which shares the same name. The writer of this manga series is Shotaro Mizuki. Also, the illustrations of the characters and the story are done by Souichi Ito. 

The first volume of the book was available in offline mode and not on the online platform. Many manga series and webtoon are now available on the online platform to make access easy but at that time online reading was not very common and people preferred to read the volumes and comics. 

Furthermore, the manga series was published in the year 2008 and soon after two years of its release, the anime series was adapted for the visual representation on television. The series has 12 episodes in total. Even if there is enough material for another season why is there no season 2?

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Demon King Daimao – What is the Plotline?

Demon king daimao

The Plotline of this drama is more like a typical Anime series where the male lead is obsessed with powers, hard work and wants to achieve the biggest position in the world. I am sure that you are familiar with this type of content and story before. 

For many people, the story of Demon King Daimao is more like a typical anime story and there is nothing special in it. The show revolves around Akuto Sai who is an orphan. He was determined to learn the magic for the betterment of the world. Akuto is determined for saving the world and for the safety of his people. 

None other than that, he wants to become the world’s best magician and the show starts from there. While on the journey he also met with a girl named  Junko Hattori. After arriving in the high school, the spirit of the school announced that Akuti will become a demon king one day. This prediction of him can be understood with the Harry Potter series where the hat made the announcement regarding the students and their houses. 

After knowing the predictions, many students got afraid of him and thought that one day he will become the Demon King. The main protagonist of this show is definitely Akuto and no matter what the students predict about him, he is actually a kind boy. His dream was always to serve the people for their better future and it is clearly indicated in the show. 

Furthermore, Talking about the female lead, Junko who is the Class topper and representative of the class. She comes from a very well-civilized and notable known family. Her behavior is very calm and she is like a crush of the school. 

After spending quality time with Akuto, Junko started to have feelings for him. The relationship starts but there are several other obstacles too. 

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Demon King Daimao Season 2 – Will there be season 2?

The release date of the Demon King Daimao was 3 April 2010. The first season ended in the same year 2010 and now it’s been 11 years but there is no season 2 of  Demon King Daimao. Until now, the series has not been renewed by the Studio channel and it is up to Tokyo MX who is responsible for the publication and production of the episodes and series. 

Moreover, The manga series of the anime also ended in 2010. There are many volumes that are left to cover in the anime series. Talking about the second installment of this show, many people are wanting to know the story of Junko and Akita. There is no particular ending and it is very hard to predict what will happen to the story.

The officials have neither renewed the show nor canceled it after the first season. There is a 50-50 situation for it. Many anime series are renewed after 1-2 decades. There would be no surprise for me if  Demon King Daimao also gets the green light for season 2. 

But for now, there are no such updates and the studio is still away to say anything regarding this topic. If there will be anything about the season 2 releases, I’ll let you know. 

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