When Will ‘Delete’ Season 2 Be Officially Released? A Feeling of Exhilaration is in the Atmosphere!



In this world of plenty of drama miniseries released in 2023, stands out as a period for miniseries which is marked by the release of of Ghosts Of Beirut,  Rough Diamonds, and Balthazar. Are you a keen fan of thrill series? Be attentive! Get yourself ready to dive into the highly anticipated and demanded series named “Delete” which is a thrilling television series.

I am sure that it will leave you breathless. What do you think about its second installment? Everyone is waiting for its second installment to strive on the screens but viewers do not have appropriate

An Overview of Delete Season 2

Here is the primary and quick Synopsis of Delete season 2. Before reading further detailed information which is given below in this article, Take a look at this. Maybe it will be useful for you somewhere.

Tv Series Delete
Total Season 1
Total Episode 8 (Season 1)
Status Season 1 End
Writer Parkpoom Wongpoom
Director Tossaphon Riantong
Producer Parkpoom Wongpoom
Country Of Origin Thailand
Official Language Thai
Available Language Thai
First Episode Aired 28 Jun. 2023 (S01 EP01)
Last Episode Aired 28 Jun. 2023 (S01 EP08)
Season 2 Release Date NA
Run Time 45 min
Available On Netflix

When Will the Delete Season 2 Be Released on Screens?

Delete season 2 release date

Nowadays people have so much interest in watching drama genre series like Why R UHidden Love, and so on. but, one of them is Delete Season 2. It has built a space in the hearts of millions of audiences by serving food according to their taste.

People are now expecting its second installment to hit the screens. but, laconically no official statements have been made regarding the renewal or cancellation status of Selete season 2. The absence of any information does nothing except fueling the speculation and rumors.

Prepare to clear your schedule because the release date for Heels Season 2 has been revealed, and it promises to deliver more drama, suspense, and excitement than ever before.

Delete Season 2 Cast and Characters: Who Will Be in It?

Here is the list of those members of the series who have sacrificed their sleep just to make a bright future for the Delete series. Here is the list of all those cast and characters, take a look at it!

Cast Character
Nat Kitcharit Aim
Sarika Sartsilpsupa Lilly
Natara Nopparatayapon Too
Chutimon Chuengcharoens Orn
Jaonaay Jinjett Wattanasin Tong
Sompob Benjathikul Too’s Father
Chertsak Pratumsrisakhon Chart
Pattarasuda Anumanrajadh Nicha
Duangjai Hiransri Yutthachai’s Wife
Chindarat Kasuya Orn’s Mother
Dujdao Vadhanapakorn Ms. Dollapha
Porntip Kitdamrongchai Ploysai

It is said that cats and characters play a one of major role in shaping the series and putting life into it by making its scenarios realistic just like in the case of series like The Old Man,  Platonic, and Claim to Fame. With a talented and diverse cast, ‘Delete’ promises to deliver an unforgettable viewing experience as audiences become invested in the fates of these intriguing characters.

The Storylines of Delete Season 2

The captivating series known as “Delete” takes its audience on an enthralling adventure through a convoluted and enigmatic storyline. Within this narrative, a peculiar phone camera possesses the remarkable ability to erase individuals from existence entirely just like the theme of one more series such as Last One Laughing Naija. Have you ever watched it or not? If not, you should clear your all schedules to watch it!

As the plot unfolds, the key protagonists, June, Lilly, Too, and Aim, gradually expose their concealed secrets and hidden agendas as we can see this type of scenario already occurred in The Horror of Dolores Roach series. Upon stumbling upon the peculiar phone camera, June inadvertently erases his wife, Lilly, right at the beginning of the story.

As June fervently attempts to comprehend this extraordinary occurrence and find a way to reverse it, the audience is immersed in a realm of ambiguity and tension. Throughout this journey, June crosses paths with adversaries and confidants ensnared in the intricate web of the phone camera’s powers.

Where to Watch Delete Season 2?

It is a glad tiding for those who have not watched the Delete series yet that, now you can watch the series without any interruptions at your home. The most populated, demanded as well and anticipated series of all time has found its streaming home on the official streaming platform Netflix.

It should be noticeable that Netflix not only provides you the chance to watch Delete series only but  Only Murders in the Building also. Before this, you have to pay some amount of money as per its subscription monthly or yearly plans in the vire of having unlimited access to watch any series.

Delete season 2 release date

The Current Actual Ratings of Delete Season 2

The Delete series has garnered an average rating on several official rating platforms from the masses around the world based on their responses. As you can see Rotten Tomatoes rated it 50% hinge on average audience score. In addition, it has got 6.2 out of 10 gradings on the IMDB platform.

It indicates that the masses around every corner of the world have mixed feelings for the series as well and it is expected that when it properly comes into the public eye the ratings score will increase in the view of fact that there are numerous masses left to give it genuine ratings by watching the series.

Is There News of the Release of the Official Teaser of Delete Season 2?

There is no official teaser of Delete Season 2 available. Moreover, no official announcement has been declared yet that can demonstrate the release of an official teaser of Delete Season 2. However, you can watch the official trailer of its previous season which is currently airing on the YouTube platform free of any cost as well as without any interruptions.

Final Verdict

To wrap up all the things that are mentioned in the above paragraphs, Fans have to wait for a little bit longer until any official updates pop up on the official platforms by the directors as well as show owners of the Delete series.

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