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Deep Water: Co-Stars Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas Were Spotted Together In Cuba


David Mudd

Are the two stars of the upcoming movie “Deep Water” dating in real life? We’ll tell you all about it.

Deep Water

Deep Water

Adapted from the novel of the same title by Patricia Highsmith, “Deep Water” is an upcoming psycho-thriller movie. The film stars Ben Affleck and is directed by Patricia Highsmith.

What Is The Story All About?

“Deep Water” is the story of the weird, loveless marriage between Vic and Melinda Van Allen. The two of them are at the point in their relationship where they cannot stand each other.

Melinda, dissatisfied with their marriage, is out to seek new lovers. Vic reluctantly resigns on the condition that Melinda will continue to be in their home and their marriage.

One of Melinda’s former lover is murdered, and Vic, on an impulse, says that he has killed him. He thinks this will Melinda into obedience.

Deep Water

What started as a mere joke turns into a severe chain of crime as Vic begins to murder every new lover that Melinda meets. With time Melinda becomes suspicious of her husband and tries to find evidence of his guilt.

In the end, Vic murders Melinda herself before being taken to prison.

Who Are Starring In The Movie?

Ben Affleck is starring in the movie as Vic Van Allen, and Ana de Armas plays Melinda, his wife. Other actors in the film include Tracy Letts, Rachel Blanchard, Finn Wittrock, Jacob Elordi, Lil Rey Howery, Dash Mihok, and Kristen Connolly.

When Will The Movie Release?

The movie is scheduled to hit the theatres on November 13th, 2020.

Are Ben Affleck And Ana de Armas Dating?

Recently, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas were spotted together in Cuba. Ana de Armas has her home in Havana there. There are several pictures of them hanging out together around the town, in cosy restaurants and marketplaces. From the pictures, it’s evident that they’re enjoying their time together.

Affleck and Ana de Armas do make a handsome couple. If the news of their dating is real, it will make a lot of fans happy. The report might also benefit the income of the movie on its release.