Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: New weapons, a Performance Pass, and more are available.


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This page contains information on everything new that will be introduced in Deep Rock Galactic’s second season, Rival Escalation.

Deep Rock Galactic is getting ready for Rival Escalation, which is the official name of the second season of the science fiction television series. PC players will be able to access the additional content starting on April 28th. Those who play on a console will be able to get the additional content one week later on May 5.

More story content, new secondary weapons and adversaries, another 100 tiers of the free Performance Pass, and a new web of cosmetic unlocks to track down are all included in this latest release. If you’re new to the game, this feels like an excellent place to begin your exploration. The following information will provide you with all of the information you require about Deep Rock Galactic Season 2.

New Weapons

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2

The new weapons will be the most talked-about aspect of the game for many players. Season 2 has seen the addition of four new secondary weapons to the dwarven miners’ arsenal of weapons and armour. Classes of dwarves can choose to personalise their loadouts with the help of these new toys, with each class gaining one new item that is tailored to their skill set.

The Nishanka Boltshark X-80 is a crossbow that can be equipped by the scout class that fires a variety of elemental or heavy-duty bolts such as acid, fire, and triple bolts. It may be equipped by the scout class.

Engineer Class uses the Shard Diffractor, which fires a tremendous beam of energy at whatever is in its path, pulverising it into powdered dust in the process.

This brand-new coil gun, which is powerful enough to punch through rock, is available to the Gunner class.

Wave Cooker: This new weapon is designed for the dwarven driller in your squad, and it functions similarly to a projectile microwave, cooking opponents from the inside out. We anticipate that, for the first time in a long time, the middle will not be locked in place.

Collectively, these new weapons appear to be intended to provide each class with a taste of other classes without going so far as to be deemed multi-classing in nature. From the game’s main hub, you may access the equipment menu, where you can equip the gun that is most appropriate for you.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: Performance Pass

Each season brings with it a new Performance Pass, as well as another 100 tiers of free currency, cosmetics, and minerals, which you can use to unlock improvements as well as even more cosmetic items. With some genuinely bizarre beard styles available in this season’s Performance Pass, the game’s predilection for hilarity is once again brought to the forefront. Other items up for grabs include the Jason Voorhees-inspired ice hockey mask and a pair of cyberpunk-inspired glasses, amongst other things.

Deep Rock Galactic Season 2

Some cosmetics, in addition to the Performance Pass, can now be purchased with phazyonite, an element that can be earned through exploration and the game’s cosmetic mastery system. Phazyonite is one of the components that can be earned through exploration and the game’s cosmetic mastery system.

Players will be able to purchase cosmetics without sacrificing beer, upgrades, or promotions, which previously used some of the same minerals as cosmetic rewards. Ghost Ship Games stated that this change was necessary to allow players to purchase cosmetics without sacrificing beer, upgrades, or promotions.

If it appears that the team is laying the groundwork for the prospective commercialization of phazyonite, the group has categorically denied this. The developers of Ghost Ship Games stated in a press statement that they have “no plans” to monetize the game in any way.

In addition to Cargo Crates, Lost Packs, Cosmetic Cores, and The Shop, any awards you were unable to collect during the first season can be found in other areas of the game. In the image gallery below, you can see all 100 tiers of the new Season 2 Performance Pass goodies, as well as the Season 2 Performance Pass itself. But first, have a look at the Season 2 cosmetic unlock tree, which includes the following items:

New missions, Enemies, And Boss Battle

Season 2 of DRG introduces a new form of seasonal event, or mission type, to the game. The “Rival Signal” event requires you to descend into the mines and shut down communication relays that have been set up by the unnamed “Rivals,” who appear to be scheming things in the background during the game’s first two seasons, in order to complete the mission.

This entails pausing the central router, hacking the antenna nodes, and stealing the data before the system self-destructs in order to keep the secrets hidden from prying eyes. As is always the case, it will need close cooperation from all of the dwarves to return to base with all of their beards still in their appropriate places.

The second season also introduces a new sort of opponent swarm: Rival robots, which can be encountered drilling down the tunnels in the same way as you and your squad would. If these smaller, more numerous robots aren’t much of a problem, the new Rival Nemesis boss might be. Some of the game’s procedurally generated levels may include encounters with this squid-like robot who may challenge you for your loot if you are digging in the wrong place.

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