Decoy Season 2: Release Date, Spoiler, Recap, Casts And How to Watch Online!


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Do you want to know How to Watch Decoy Season 2 Online? What happened in season 1 of the series? Discover the plot, cast, twists, and turns in the series. The series is set on the premise of financial fraud and the events that led afterward. This fraud is mixed with a list of murders which makes the series a lot more interesting to watch.

How To Access Decoy Season 2 Online?

To watch the latest Decoy Season 2 episodes, go to Coupang Play Network at 9 p.m. Korean Standard Time. Every Friday, you’ll be able to watch two new episodes, so mark your calendar and set a reminder!

Don’t worry if you miss the live broadcast of the episodes! You can still view them online by going to the channel’s official website. The show is also available on Viki for audiences in some parts of the world.

Release Date Of Decoy Season 2

Decoy Season 2 will premiere with the first two episodes on April 7th, 2023, followed by two more episodes on April 14th, two more on April 21st, and the last two episodes on April 28th, 2023.

Premise Of Decoy Series

South Korea was shaken nearly 10 years ago by financial fraud. It deceived many people into depositing their life savings. Noh Sang Chun, the fraud’s mastermind, escaped to China to avoid arrest. Later he died under mysterious circumstances. However, some believe that Noh Sang Chun is still alive and involved in a string of murders.

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Goo Do Han, a former lawyer turned police officer, and Cheon Na Yeon, a reporter, are both investigating the case. They believe that some of the deaths were covered up. They feel that the police investigations were defective. As the situation becomes more dangerous, it is unclear what is going on. It becomes intriguing what part Noh Sang Chun is playing in the terrible events.

Recap Of Decoy Season 1

Decoy begins with Noh Sang-Cheon played by Heo Sung Tae the talented actor Heo Sung Tae also appeared in Squid Game, the chairman of Bigs Network. He is shown giving a speech to his customers. It is afterward revealed that he is operating a Ponzi scheme and has fled to China. Detective Gu Do-han(Jang Keun-Suk) is suspended in 2023 for faking a case report. He is recalled to investigate a homicide case involving Sang-cheon. Do-Han discovers evidence that suggests Sang-cheon is still alive and continues his investigation.

We hear about No Sang-cheon’s background as a former loan shark. He had lost money investing in a bogus enterprise. A masked murderer is torturing Young-jin in the present day. The cops are looking into the case.

How to Watch Decoy Season 2 Online

It is revealed that Young-jin intended to exact revenge on Sang-cheon. The idea that he is still alive is considered. Na-Yeon’s involvement in the crime is also disclosed. The episode ends with the discovery that they are dealing with a serial killer, There have been three murders linked to No Sang-cheon.

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Through a flashback to 2006, we learn about Councilman Park Gang-shin’s role in the case of Decoy. After being duped, Sang-Cheon seeks assistance from Councilman Kim Seong-dae. He is detained as a terrorist. He gets freed thanks to Gwang-sin who was under the same charge.


Sang-cheon discovered information about his own fraud after overhearing a conversation between Councilman Kim Seong-dae and Gwang-sin in the hotel room. The first victim of the serial killer was Jung So-ram. He wanted revenge on Sang-cheon. Na-yeon accused Do-han of censorship after her piece on the serial killings was removed.

The crime investigation team found a suicide note in Jae-hwang’s pocket, There confessed to committing heinous crimes. Han Da-Jeong was found to be connected to the murder of Do-han’s younger sister. So-ram fled after learning about Sang-cheon’s plan to sever ties with those who know his secret but ended up killing one of his attendants and was sent to prison.

Spolier For Decoy Season 2

We don’t know what will happen in Season 2 of Decoy But we feel it will take off from where it left off. Do-han is summoned to the deputy head’s office and questioned about the case reports, which were written to blame Jae-hwang.

How to Watch Decoy Season 2 Online

Do-han inquires about the deputy head’s whereabouts at the time of the abduction and chooses to conduct more investigation. The detectives begin to feel as if the loose ends are coming together. Without the following protocol, the disciplinary officer arrives and lifts Do-han’s ban.

Meanwhile, the victims get a text from someone claiming to be Jae-Hwang.Despite the fact that they believed he had died. Jong-hun sees a likely vehicle collision and runs to aid, but he is hesitant since it could be a trap.

Where To Watch Decoy Series

For those fans who live outside of the country, here’s a quick rundown of the different time zones for the event:

  • In India, the event will take place at 5:30 PM on the same day.
  • In Australia, the event will take place at 11 PM AST on the same day.
  • In Europe, the event will take place at 12 PM on the same day.
  • In the USA and Canada, the event will take place at 8 AM Eastern Standard Time on the same day.
  • In the Philippines, the event will take place at 8 PM on the same day.


Decoy Season 2 is an interesting continuation of the show that goes into the complexities of human behavior and the steps people take to protect their concerns. The characters are complex, the plot is intriguing, and the dangers are higher than ever.

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